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TOPIC: Why the HELL do my ribs hurt?

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February 16, 2012 7:12 AM
For the past couple of days my ribs have been hurting - and I dont know why!?!

Its almost like they are bruised. but I dont know what I have done to hurt them - and if I should carry on exercising. I am supposed to be going to Body Attack tonight....

Diary is open so have a look at my exercise!! xx
February 16, 2012 7:15 AM
It could be where you have been using your torso muscles. I sometimes get that, nothing to worry about. If it doesnt go in a few days then see your GP
February 16, 2012 7:18 AM
I had the exact same thing 3 weeks ago! I think I probably just overworked my torso, it took awhile for it to feel better. I kept ice on mine and took it easy on the exercise and felt better. But yeah, it sucks!
February 16, 2012 7:19 AM
There are muscles in between your ribs. Just a little DOMS, nothing to worry about.
February 16, 2012 7:20 AM
It could also be as simple as having a rib or two out of place. I understand chiropractors aren't covered under everyone's insurance, but they really can help. I have constant neck issues and occassionally a rib will just move out of place and it hurts like hell. If that is the case, you can probably still work out, but be more aware of your body and don't push yourself too hard.
February 16, 2012 7:20 AM
This happened to me awhile back...I had just walked several miles on a treadmill and I must have been twisting alot. All of my harder workouts cause me no pain; I walk on a treadmill and have sore ribs lol laugh
February 16, 2012 7:21 AM
mine hurt bad after my first kickboxing workout, could be fro many torso workout.
February 16, 2012 7:22 AM
Several years ago I had such a sharp pain in my chest that I thought I was having a heart attack. I saw a doctor who said that I tore one of the tiny muscles between my ribs. Hurt like hell but with some rest it was fine in a few days.

Feel better!
February 16, 2012 7:45 AM
Thanks guys! I think Im going to take a rest! x


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