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TOPIC: Aspartame Knocked me Out of Ketosis

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February 13, 2012 7:27 AM
I discovered this weekend that aspartame knocked me (or kept me) out of ketosis! have drank a lot of diet soda for years and am now wondering if it was what has stalled my weight loss all along.

We got the keto sticks which is when I confirmed that I was not in ketosis.

Yesterday I only had diet coke with splenda and by late evening I was into deep ketosis, measuring 80 on the stick.

This morning the amount was less but still around 50.

My husband on the other hand seems almost mad at me about it, although I think it's really just his own frustration.

He was showing in the 40s last night but today was only trace amounts. He is really good about his carb intake, although he's not tracking it with any kind of tool, just in his head. He drinks a lot of diet soda (but also switched yesterday) and probably less water than I do.

He's also on several different medications, not sure if that would affect it or not. He's taking a blood pressure med and zoloft.

Anyone have any thoughts? He's a much bigger person than I am and has a lot more weight to lose.

February 13, 2012 7:37 AM
I am not the right person to answer that because I am a heavy diet coke drinker and it's never kept me out of ketosis. I was heavily into it, I know adding the atkins advantage bars lowered me to medium to small amount. I went out on a planned meal (wasnt low carb) and ate 113 carbs on Saturday and now I am at a trace. So I am not sure what would have lowered your ketones.

But if it's any help (and others could tell me if I am wrong) - I have read that it really doesn't matter what level you are at, meaning the level doesn't determine the amount of weight you will loose. Ketosis is an "either you are or you aren't" thing. If you are showing ANY amount whether it be large or trace, you are still in ketosis. I also heard water will dilute them so the more water you drink, the lighter the color on the stick. AND, I have read that you don't want it to be HEAVY as that could be a sign of dehydration, aim for a moderate level.

Maybe someone else will chime in and give you a more definite answer about aspartame, but as for me, diet cokes have never kicked me out of ketosis.
February 14, 2012 9:48 AM
Yep artifical sweetners can have advserse effects for some people.
February 15, 2012 8:45 AM
Aspartame throws me out of ketosis....I used to be a heavy diet coke drinker and crystal light! I don't drink either anymore except a rare occasion.

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