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June 26, 2012 10:27 AM
Afternoon Ladies,

So I had an early appt this morning and last night I could not sleep and was hyper until I caved and took some melatoninbigsmile Within 35 mins I was alseep but then I woke up within 4 hrsyawn and started getting everyone up and ready for camp, work, etchuh Afterwards I plugged in P57 30mins Express Advanced and was tortured in my lower half by Tanya. I thought my legs were going to collapse as my standing leg was jerking so hardblushing Geesh, I ccan probably still squat at least 75lbs with my barbell, so why are my legs acting like wussiesgrumble Now at night I have been doing my version of the 300 workout, it is a 3 set, 20 rep circuit of Walking lunges, Curtsy lunges, squats, l-lifts and deadlifts. My hammies were tight this morning so maybe I need to really stretch more especially with the isometric workouts.

Laurie- It will be awesome to watch your new rotation and don't forget to measure yourselfwink

Erika- I remember those slow and heavy 1-2 counts, I Like the idea for my chest & back but prefer supersets for bis, tris and shoulders. The Beast,,no I have been looking at JM Revolution but truthfully I can not truly enjoy a good rotation until September when our household goods would hopefully be delivered and setup in the place we still have not foundgrumble

Tami- Thanks for the continuation, I will be able to get 5-8 done before the movers pack our stuff next monthlaugh As for those 4 lbs that could be water retention, salt or anything else that the scale likes to display for us. Anytime you are questioned as to being a competing athelete Ms Ironwomanwink I would not worrybigsmile

Laurel- It sounds scary and I pray some rain arrives quickly, please be careful.

Ok off to ingest tons and tons of water as it is already 90 herehuh

June 26, 2012 11:18 AM
Hi Ladies! Another day in paradise, that's for sure. It is noon and already 95 degrees outside and the sky is black with smoke. They don't seem to be able to get a handle on this fire, but these outrageously dry conditions combined with wind aren't helping. Tough stuff. We only had the house open for about ten hours last night to try to get some cooler air in, but the smoke was so bad, I felt positively sick when I got up this morning. The fire is getting nearer to us, but is in a remote location across a ridge of hills from us, and last I heard, they aren't fighting this section of the fire right now because no structures are in danger. In other words, with no hint of improving conditions, it is going to be a long week. Nothing can be done about it, though, so life goes on.

I did STS Disk 17/Legs today and felt surprisingly strong given everything. I debated on whether to do tough cardio or not, and decided I would today because I really do think things are going to get worse before they get better when it comes to air quality. So I did Intensity which was perfect because I needed a fun workout to get my mind off this mess. Thanks for all your well wishes regarding this. The entire state is on fire (almost literally) with half the nation's fire resources focused on Colorado. Just keep praying for no further loss of life. And rain.

Tami, I hope you enjoyed you time at the Ironman. At sounds like fun to me! I'm glad you enjoyed STS Total Body. I think S90 is probably enough strength training, but, like programs like P90X, your body may get used to the repetition and, therefore, sore when you change things up. That doesn't mean the program isn't working. It just means the different workouts are challenging your body in a different way.

Laurie, your rotation sounds tough! I hope you enjoy it. Let us know how the kettlebells work. I've tried doing kb workouts, and I just can't seem to get into it though I hear great things about them. I'd be really interested in you notice anything different from any other types of workouts you have been doing.

Erika, I haven't heard anything about that new program from Beachbody, and I'm going to pretend I haven't heard anything now!! Oh, my....that sounds tempting to me. I am definitely in a phase where I am enjoying my strength training much more than my cardio, and anything that could challenge me more and more in that area looks enticing. I'm glad you are enjoying S&H. Yeah, I get the shakes with it too! But I love that feeling.

Michelle, sounds like a brutal lower body workout. You might be doing a bit much with your legs if you are doing that 300 workout each night, and that could be why you really felt it this morning. Stretching is good! Hope you get some cooler weather down there soon. I know you could use it too.

I won't be around tomorrow as I have all day meetings as we get ready for the new AF cadets to arrive on Thursday. I hope you all enjoy the day! See you Thursday.

And, btw, it looks like my email account on has been sending out random emails for a little while. If you receive any emails from me (specifically Tami and Erika, who I know I've communicated to with that email account), just delete it! I have no idea what is going on but will try to figure it out.

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June 26, 2012 4:37 PM
Hi Ladies ~ smile Last night’s BootCamp was another good one, not the killer/breathless workout that it has sometimes been, although I think she recognized that and had us do sprints outside TWICE! huh I was able to partner up with my friend this week, so no Team Awesome! laugh Today was Max Plyo Circuit – I won’t be having a p.m. workout until Friday this week. I have something each evening for a few nights …. Today is a Garden Party at a friends house but it will be inside since it is pouring rain most of the day. Tomorrow we have a staff BBQ at our bosses house and Thurs getting my hair done. So going to try and make the most of my a.m. workouts …… wink

Laurie: Nice combo this a.m.! Sounds like you have a good rotation set up, that will be fun too! bigsmile Yes, the standing mountain climbers are challenging. It’s funny on how many times I have done those lunges and they have never seemed to bother me too much as far as soreness. Must have just hit me just right! Today my leg feels back to normal so that’s good! I’ll try to send the rain we have your way. wink Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny again for us …

Erika: Sounds like you are having the perfect combo of workouts for yourself right now! bigsmile That’s fantastic and I’m sure you will see great results as well. I haven’t heard of The Beast….. Sounds like a good one forsure. I’ll have to check it out. So that I can add one more thing to my WISH List! Keep us posted if you decide to go for it. Yes, I think the impromptu rest was good and I wasn’t feeling my normal “guilt” that I can on days like that blushing so must have needed it. Thanks for the info on S&H, it does sound like I would like it.

Michelle: Yikes on your heat and Laurel too! noway My MIL is headed to Dallas this weekend for her granddaughters wedding. She hates the heat so I know she will be uncomfortable forsure. Sounds like you got in a good lower half workout with P57 today! wink You’re definitely not a “wuss”, I think it’s working those muscles in different ways – which sounds like you are doing a lot of ! Great job. bigsmile Thank YOU Michelle. I need to have those kinds of things when people compliment me or wonder if I’m competing in IronMan sink into my head moreblushing ohwell I appreciate that reminder “don’t worry” Awesome that you will be able to get in weeks 5-8 before the movers come.

Laurel: I was absolutely saying some prayers for you and all the people in your area today. flowerforyou They had it absolutely highlighted on GMA talking about the crazy heat. OY! If I can send the rain your way I will. It sounds miserable forsure, I’m sorry. Fantastic job getting in your workouts throughout! Yay for Intensity, such a fun one! It is definitely inspiring to see those athletes and to know what they have been through prior to crossing the finish line. Incredible. Thanks for the insight on S90 vs other training. I hadn’t really thought of it that way, which I should have. I think the constant variety is good after doing STS …. Throwing in some good Total Body workouts along the way as well, like we did in STS. Thanks for the heads up on your e-mail sending random msgs.

My friend started the discussion again about eating last night and wanted me to look over what she had for the day. I was glad because I felt like I had scared her off when I told her she really needed to eat more. It’s just good that she still is open to wanting to do better with it.

Talk to you all tomorrow ~
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June 27, 2012 5:50 AM
Hi Ladies. Just wanted to send a quick note to let you all know we were evacuated from our house last night. I've never seen anything quite like what I saw yesterday late in the afternoon and the fire turned suddenly towards town. We had about an hour notice to leave. I am, fortunately, staying with my sister in Denver. DH, unfortunately, is still in Colorado Springs as there is still work to be done at the Air Force Academy. I don't know how long this is going to last, but at least until the weekend. I must say that there is a good chance we will lose the house and everything inside. I could see the flames from the fire before they even called the evacuation. Very scary. But, on the positive side, I did manage to bring nearly all my workout DVDs with me. happy I plan on taking it easy the next couple of days. This has been quite a shock. If yoiu see anything on the Waldo Canyon fire in Co Springs, that is what we are facing.

I will write more when I get a chance.

June 27, 2012 6:58 AM
Morning Ladies,

Laurel, On my way into work this morning I heard that they where evacuating the AF Academy. My first thought was of you and your DH, and my second thought was I hope she is able to save her workout DVD's! embarassed I'm so happy that you where able to do that, but am very sorry to hear about the house you are staying in. frown I will let you all know how the kb workouts go, I previewed some of the workout this morning. I have gotten an e-mail from a friend of mine saying that her yahoo account was hacked, so hope that isn't what happened with yours.

Erika, I have not been paying attention to The Beast threads on VF. I probably will pass for now, but will be looking at the reveiws for sure. The times on those workouts is appealing. wink I'm glad that the S&H workouts are doing what you need them to do. wink I'm kind of a klutz also, so I'm hoping that I can get the hang of these workouts. He says that you can burn over 1000 calories in an hour. noway

Michelle, Thank you for the reminder to take measurements. I'm going to do that tonight, because in the mornings I always forget. huh Sounds like you got yourself a good endurance workout into that lower body. bigsmile

Tami, Tonight is the first evening that I'm able to workout, so understand that. Our house closing went pretty fast last night, and that was great that Citi started doing these home closings. Guess it is easier to do this for people who are just doing refi's. Awe to bad on the Team Awesome, but glad that you had your regular partner back. Yes please send us some rain! It is super dry around here, and we are suppose to get temps in the high 90's getting toward 100. Glad I'm not in Chicago, they are suppose to get to 110 today! noway Glad to hear that your friend has someone to help her, most of us don't have that support except for online. wink

Can't believe that I almost forgot to say what I did this morning. After hitting the snooze buttone one to many timesyawn , I had enough time to do Insanity Cardio Power & Resistance, and preview the kettlebell workout for about 10 min. wink

Have a great day!
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June 27, 2012 7:30 AM
Good Morning Ladies,

This morning was Slow and Heavy Triceps followed by The Firm Lower Body Sculpt. My tris and legs are fried! I suppose it didn't help that I decided to run sprints last night...legs are shot! bigsmile

Laurie--I ended up ordering Body Beast...I really liked the reviews so far, and it's straight forward lifting (no creative crazy moves) and the times are right in my desired timeslot. I would like to have another system to work instead of just Chalean Extreme. I'll let you know when I have done one! bigsmile

Laurel--I also heard about the Air Force housing evacuation this morning. I'm glad you got out safely, and got all of your workout videos too! bigsmile That fire is just absolutely crazy, and no relief in sight. My college roommate is on the other side of Hwy 24, and is posting pictures several times a day. Her brother is a firefighter, but hasn't gotten called into help on that fire yet. I just hope and pray that rain and lower temps head your way fast! Keep us updated.

Tami--I'm glad bootcamp was still good, but I'm sure you were a bit disappointed that is wasn't the killer workout it has been. ohwell Sounds like you have a few fun nights of events coming up, enjoy! I did end up ordering Body Beast (I thought it was called The Beast), and I'll be sure to give you guys a review once I've tried one!

Michelle--I am so proud of you getting your P57 workout in, despite the lack of sleep. That is dedication!! bigsmile Hopefully you got some rest last night!

Back to work, talk to you tomorrow.

June 27, 2012 3:47 PM
Hi Ladies ~ smile This a.m. was S90 Chest & Back followed by X-Factor #4! It was a good workout, always love those X-Factor’s for add-ons. Tonight is the staff BBQ, which should be fun. It's sunny today so outside at her house will be gorgeous.

Laurie: Great job getting in Cardio Power & Resist.wink Even after the snooze button was hit a few times, that’s great you got it in. Glad your re-fi went well last night. That is great they came to your house forsure. Yes, I am reminded daily when I check in with MFP family here how glad I am that I have all of you to discuss everything fitness/nutrition/anx about extra lb’s or whatever it is. smile flowerforyou I know my friend is glad to have me to talk to because she says nobody else understands/wants to talk to her about food/fitness.

Erika: Yahoo on Body Beast!drinker Good on ya and I can’t wait to hear about it. Nice job with S&H this a.m. along with The Firm Lower Body. I meant to comment yesterday, that’s great you are running sprints as well. I’m sure it will do great things for your legs/body! It’s all good on the BootCamp. I wasn’t too disappointed, I guess they can’t all be heart pounding, get me some water and air type workouts! wink

Laurel: Where’s the little symbol for a huge gasp sad I’m so sorry, you must be frightened, thankful and sad all in one. I’m glad you were evacuated in time of course flowerforyou and had to chuckle laugh that you were able to get all the DVDs with you! That would definitely be a necessity that I would grab when given the time to evacuate. That’s excellent. Please keep us posted. Praying for that rain to come your way very soon.

Talk to you all tomorrow ladies ~
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June 28, 2012 6:43 AM
Morning Ladies,

Got in the Skogg Roots Level 1 workout last night, it is very basic. I'm still going to stick with the rotation, because I want to make sure that I'm doing the moves right. So far I feel like I'm getting the hang of it, only had a few bangs on the wrist. wink Level 1 is beginner, so it isn't all that cardio intense, but I'm still a beginner at these so will stick with it. Having a hard time with the exchange from one had to the other. huh

This morning was Insanity Cardio Recovery, and 10lb Slimdown Recovery Yoga. Want to get in a longer yoga session after work.

Erika, I looked at some of the Beast information on VF last night, does look interesting. Let us know how those workouts go. The one drawback for me are the pull-ups. laugh Way to work those legs yesterday, sounds like you and Michelle decided to torture them. happy

Tami, I'm planning on adding in a Weider workout once a week during this Insanity rotation. Just plan on doing each Insanity workout once during the week, and then do other workouts for the remainder. Will extend the 30 days I think. wink Hope you had a good time at the BBQ!

Have a great day!
June 28, 2012 7:05 AM
Good Morning!! bigsmile

This morning was another Slow and Heavy workout--back! bigsmile Followed it up with TF Hiit 20. I was actually surprised how light Cathe was going on the back exercise. I normally am just under her or at her same weight, but I was pushing more than her this morning with ease...kinda weird, but I'll take it! wink

Tami--I hope the BBQ was great...I'm sure it was with the beautiful weather and all!!! Great workouts! I'm so behind on Weider, I have only done #1. I need to fit those in to my rotation. I am trying to get in cardio every day, so Weider isn't exactly fitting into that mix very well, as I want to lift weights, vs bodyweight exercises. Are the other Weider weeks more cardio based than week 1 was?

Laurie--I'm glad to hear the KB workout went well. I think if you have the patience to really learn the moves, you'll do great. I just gave up too quickly! I am not a fan of pull ups either, but I plan to do modified pullups for Body Beast. I'm actually going to pull my hubby's weight bench out of our storage room and use that with the olympic bar and just pull myself up that way (kinda like using Cathe's tower). I think that will work. I don't think I will ever come to a point where I enjoy pull ups...they just don't feel comfortable on my arms/shoulders.

Laurel and Michelle-I hope you are doing well!

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June 28, 2012 8:55 AM
Hi Ladies. All is well here. We remain evacuated, but while here was some fire on the Academy no structures have been lost so far. After spending most of yesterday in shock, I decided to snap myself out of it with a good workout today. I did TF 45EZ followed by STS Disk 18/Back and Biceps. My BIL has a decent set of weights which allowed me to do that workout. Sadly, his weights weren't quite heavy enough for mw blushing but I just really pushed it in the back-off sets. It felt so good to workout today, and I feel much more like me today. I guess this is why I ended up grabbing my workout DVDs instead of something else when we evacuated. They make my life seem 'normal'.

Erika, I am anxious to hear about this Beast system. Keep us posted on how it is. Great job with S&H.

Laurie, great job with this rotation. I think you are approaching in perfectly with making sure you have the moves down first.

Tami, great job with the workouts. I am so glad your friend hasnyou to talk to. Like you, it means so much to me to have you all here to share my ups and downs.....workouts and not workouts....with. flowerforyou

It is supposed to be 100 degrees again today but with light winds in the Colorado Springs area. They are hoping to make good progress on the fires. Keep your fingers crossed they can do that because they are worried about tomorrow. No chance of rain until next week at the earliest, but if the winds stay calm, that is a great step.

Hopefully I will be able to check in tomorrow. Take care!

June 28, 2012 9:11 AM
Morning Ladies,

Yesterday was an early optometry appointment and with the dilated eyes, visibility was very limited for several hours afterwards. My youngest went with me and on the way back was actually navigating my moves..sweet thing all I could here was "yes your good, nice turn, okay you can go,"laugh She is absolutely amazingheart love Later in the evening I did do a Slm Series dvd, Tone It up which was lunge intensive and definitely hit those inner thighs also. Sadly this morning I woke up without any DOMShuh As I packed up my dvds this week I'm limited in cardio but KB with Jessica combined with The Bar Method LB this morning.

Laurel- I saw on the internet and I really wanted to call you and check in, it was very scary seeing the footage and how much it had doubled in size. Goodness, I'm happy to hear that you were evacuated and hope that not too much is lost. My heart goes out to the entire regionflowerforyou

Laurie- Glad to hear the measurements are in and that you are taking your time as KB definitely requires different muscles and can definitely ache in places during the learning curvewink

Tami- Your'e work too hard everyday to even rely on the scale as a true indicator of your fitness level. Any person that can do what you daily is impressive!bigsmile

Erika- Geesh on the legs..holy smokeslaugh The bar method has been torturing me not to mention P57noway its amazing how much it is kicking my butt after taking time off of Barre exercises. Literally my leg muscles are jerking where I think the standing leg will collapseblushing Glad to see that you using a new exciting rotation as I know that we tend to require variety to keep it interestingwink

Ok ladies off to clean the kitchen, cook some dog food and entertain the little one today.

June 28, 2012 3:52 PM
Hi Ladies ~ This a.m. was S90 Legs and Weider #5 …. wink Last night’s BBQ was really nice. She has a beautiful home with views of the river on a huge deck. It was potluck style and she BBQd the meats for us. It was a nice change to just hang out with the people you work with daily & just be relaxed, not in the drama of it all. smile Tonight I get my hair prettied up and then tomorrow I will be able to hit the Spinning class after work!

Laurie: Good that you are learning the proper form on the KB’s ….. I’m sure it’s a little boring for now, but will be good for your future workouts. Nice job on Insanity this a.m. along with a little Yoga, I bet it was a nice combo.

Erika: Nice combo for you today! The big smiley face must mean you really liked another one of her S&H workouts! That’s great. Yes, the BBQ was great and the weather couldn’t have been any better. Definitely move to another Weider from #1 and you will feel a little bit more cardio. None of them are overly cardio intensive by any means but the intensity does increase by each one and then the last one is a combo of moves & lots of fun.

Laurel: So glad to hear from you that you are safe & sound … that’s great news that the winds have died down, hope that continues to stay that way. I bet the workouts felt definitely like something “normal” for your day after everything you have been going through/feeling the last few days. Great job getting in your workout! That’s pretty funny your BIL’s weights were too light. Shades of your workout in Korea when all the men were staring at you lifting the heavy’s! laugh Keep us posted and keep taking care of yourself. flowerforyou

Michelle: That is a sweet image of your little girl being your seeing eye dog in the navigation process! smile Sounds like you got in a nice workout … sorry no DOMs. That’s funny you were disappointed. Maybe all that lower body/barre “torture” work it’s doing its job so those lunges didn’t hurt too much! Does Mr C like his homemade food? Doing well with it?

Talk to you all tomorrow!
June 29, 2012 4:06 AM
Good Morning Ladies...TGIF!!! bigsmile

This morning's workout was S&H, that one was a good one!! bigsmile I followed that up with Asylum's Overtime. That was about all I could handle today! laugh

Tami-The BBQ sounds fabulous. We do something similar at our VP's house each summer, although the timing has always been off, so I haven't been able to attend (it's on a Friday afternoon). I hope you had a nice relaxing time getting your hair prettied too! bigsmile Yes, LOVING Slow and Heavy. I have another full week of it in 2 weeks, and next week was to be Muscle Max again, but I think I might do a S90/Weider combo week! bigsmile

Michelle--Sounds like a scary drive home! ohwell One can never judge how bad the eyes will be after dilation. I've had times where I'm just fine and others where I'm not. Glad your DD was so helpful in getting you home safely! Isn't it funny that we get upset when we don't have DOMS, esp. when those legs are shaking like crazy?!? Barre always made me have gets in there good, but I just struggled so much with form and found I was always straining my back. I'm glad you aren't having that problem, as I know how much you love your barre workouts!! bigsmile

Laurel--I'm glad you had a chance to check-in, and based on this morning's report, things are looking better. Lots of homes lost, and some people they are still trying to find that were reported missing, but the weather seems to be cooperating a bit more so those firefighters can get the fire under control. Still praying that no more homes/lives are lost, and you get to go back to your home very soon.


Have a great weekend! We're going to be in the 90's for at least another week, so I think I'll be submerging myself in the boys' kiddie pool this weekend!

June 29, 2012 4:23 AM
Hey girls! Glad i found a cathe thread on here...want ya to share with me which dvds ya think are the best strength..i love to lift weights...passed up the day deal on sts this week but i hope it was roll around again some day. I've just been buying quite a bit lately..waiting for crossfire to arrive. I am doing gym biceps today..what do ya think of the other gs dvds? I do total body on my workout days s i will also do either legs& glutes or b&g..not sure...just got coremax last night, hope that is a good one, i like to feel the soreness afterwards.. Anyway, thought id come on here and get ya opinions about the strength dvds...what your favorite? Thanks
June 29, 2012 6:55 AM
Morning Ladies,

Well plans changed last night when I got home my oldest dd was there. We moved her bed into her new apartment. She now has a place off campus, and a new job. Things are moving fast for her. laugh So now I have an almost empty room in the house. She still left us with a bit of a mess. laugh This morning after fussing around with my HRM grumble , I got in Pure Cardio. Dang did that one feel good, and I didn't go at that crazy pace. Still had to take a little break during the mountain climbers, that one is my nemisis. He should have put that one toward the beginning of the workout instead of the end. laugh I'm going to do Skogg Roots Level 1 after work, and maybe..... Cardio Abs. wink Dress rehearsal is on Sunday, so that will be a long day.

Called my Mom yesterday, and my Uncle that has liver cancer probably will not make it through the weekend. cry Apparently he has stated that anyone trying to visit this weekend will miss him. frown I'm very glad that his suffering is almost done, and he will be in a better place. Sorry about that, but it has been on my mind for a couple of days.

msperkey3, Congrats on finding Cathe. Well my very favorite strength workouts of Cathe's are the STS series, and yes I have seen these as the Deal of the Day a couple of times now. So they will probably be on sale again in the future. Other strength DVD's that are favorites 4 Day Split and Pure Strength. For total body I really love Muscle Max. The only thing I don't like about the Gym Style workouts, was in the Leg workout. I just don't enjoy the floorwork in that workout. Don't know why. wink

Erika, WTG on the Biceps! One of my favorite parts to work. wink LOL about the kiddie pool! That is a great way to get some relief from the heat. This morning was a bit cooler, but I really had to get outside and water some plants. They where really looking bad. Enjoy your weekend, and keep cool. wink

Tami, Glad you had an enjoyable evening, and of course getting pampered after work last night. smile Yes the two workouts did compliment eachother well. Chris Freytag is on par with Bob Harper as far as yoga. In only 22 min. she got me sweating. I think that her 20 min. workout is tougher than her 40 min. yoga workout.

Michelle, Glad that you dd was good at navigating for you, I have had to drive home with that vision problem once. ohwell All that leg work and no DOMS! Sorry to hear about that. Sounds like they are getting stronger though.

Laurel, Good news so far, glad to hear about the Academy has not suffered. I love how you get yourself out of the shock! laugh Exercise is the best medicine for sure! WTG on making those weights work for you. Will be thinking of your area this weekend, and praying for some relief.

Have a wonderful weekend!
June 29, 2012 10:01 AM
Afternnoon Ladies,

Last night I stayed up late until 1:30am with the girls as the eldest does not have camp on Fridays. I woke up this morning feeling good as I tend to do better on 5-6 hours of sleep most nights, so I opted to start off with Yoga exercises to wake my body up and lengthen my back as morning pain can last all day if I ignore the pain too muchohwell I have started to realize and accept that my energy surges are now occurring between 1:00pm and 2, so yesterday I felt like a dancey type KB workout and grabbed an oldie TurboJam Kick, Punch & Jam for a fun sweatfestbigsmile Today the girls have called a lazy day so I will try to not feel guilty about doing something outside the home and enjoy my bookblushing Tomorrow will be spent at the pool with dad so I will make it up next weekwink . Sometimes I feel guilty trying to get my workout done early when my body is opposed to it versus the luxury of scheduling it later when the energy surges. Not sure yet if I will take my rest day today or enjoy another Slim Series dvd this afternoon.

Laurie- Glad that you released that pain into the air instead of keeping those thoughts to yourself. I pray for an easy transition as he seeks his peace and that his family's strength allows him to leave at his choosing. My prayers to you and your familyheart flowerforyou

Erika- Interestingly enough Barre seems to help with my lower back Lordosis and Callanetics creator Callan actually suffered with debilitating backpain and used these exercises to alleviate her pain when she was first trained using Lotte Berk's methods. I have noticed this week that Callan, Core Fusion and Bar Method relies on the tuck to lengthen the back while performing exercises whereas P57 does not emphasize as much to me. As a pear you know how hard it is to hit the LB and as much as I loved the weights, I can see the difference within weeks with Barre vs heavy weights on my lower bodybigsmile

Laurel- Glad to hear that things are calming down, were they able to save your house?

Tami- The BBQ sounds like it was fun and relaxing evening and the views sound amazing. Hmnn the thought of a grilled steak sounds yummy for dinner tonightwink Mr. Capone has been enjoying his food as I have been using the tenderloins from the freezer which is helping to empty the extra freezer of all excess meat. I tend to toss in veggies such as broccoli, carrots, green beans in the mix and the funny part was when hubby and the girls asked, "what smells so good mom, what did you cook for dinner?"laugh So far the itching has been reduced significantly but then he goes outside and sunbathes on the patio several times a dayhuh

Ok off to indulge in some coffee as there is only soo much tea that I can truly enjoy before my need for coffee surgesblushing

TGIF, Have a great weekend!flowerforyou

June 29, 2012 12:56 PM
Hey Ladies! This will be a very quick check-in for me, but I wanted you all to know they lifted the evacuation order for our house....and I am back home again. drinker Everything is fine. There is still quite a bit of fire around, and I feel like I'm in a war zone because there are helicopters everywhere in the sky. But I find that comforting since I can still see the active fire from the house. So rock on helicopters and do what you need to do!! Needless to say, both DH and I are exhausted. He is going to take me out to dinner tonight as a way of saying 'What a week!'. And, boy, has it been one.

Because I knew I was coming back down to Colorado Springs late last night, I only got a short workout in today.....TF 45. I'm glad I did something. Tomorrow I'll try to do a total body strength workout, but I might opt for sleeping in instead. blushing yawn

Keep your fingers crossed that the weather continues to cooperate and they get a handle on these fires over the weekend. It breaks my heart that 346 homes were lost (and one far). This is the most destructive fire ever in Colorado. But it looks like this community is going to do everything to rally around those who have lost so much, and that makes me happy that I live in such a place.

Laurie, I am so sorry to hear about your uncle. I will be praying for him and your entire family. flowerforyou

msperkey3, I echo what Laurie has said about Cathe's strength DVDs. Without a question, STS is my absolute favorite. It does more for my body than any other program on the market. I think Cathe's best Total Body strength training DVD is STS Total Body. Like Laurie, I think 4 Day Split also contains some of Cathe's best strength training, and that series has a ton of premixes which make it very versatile. Gym Styles are good as well. For the lower body, both Butts and Guts and Lower Body Blast are fun and hit every muscle in that part of the body. If you are looking for a good endurance based total body workout, I highly recommend High Reps. In other words, there are few Cathe strength training DVDs I don't like (Push/Pull and Supersets, and the Trii-set series with her new Low Impact Series come to mind) so you can't really go wrong with Cathe. Please ask if you have more specific questions about some workouts because I own all of Cathe's DVDs. blushing

Erika, what did you think of Overtime. I find that 12 minutes to be absolutely brutal!! I've never done it on its own though. Glad you are still enjoying S&H.

Tami, glad you enjoyed the BBQ. Best the hair appt felt good!

Michelle, great job with the workouts!

Enjoy the weekend.

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July 2, 2012 6:44 AM
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July 2, 2012 6:55 AM
Morning Ladies,

Saturday I did Weider X-Factor ST Week 1, and Roots Level 1 (didn't do this one on Friday evening). This morning, while hitting the snooze button, I decided that I would do my Friday workout this morning. My feet and legs where really sore from walking and standing all day long during dress rehearsal. So my workouts where Weider X-Factor ST Week 2, and 30MTF Kickboxing Punch Mix. I didn't think that my feet could handle the football shuffle move, my feet hurt even when I haven't spent the previous day on my feet. laugh I think it was a very good decision to switch up the workouts.

Speaking of dress rehearsal, what a hot day! noway I was drained at the end of the day from the heat and of course putting couch material on my body. No breeze, until the afternoon.

How many of you have been watching the US Olympic Trials. DD and I watch it whenever it is on, sure do love the track & field. My dd is impressed at how fast those 200's are run. wink

I'm only working two days this week, so I'm looking forward having three days off.drinker

Michelle, I like that the girls decided that you all needed a rest day. My dd and I should do that, need to get out of the AC more often. I know that our dog would love for us to be outside, so she can lay there and watch everything going on in the neighborhood. laugh WTG getting your back loose with the yoga.

Laurel, Can't even imagine what you are seeing with those fires. I applaud the fact that you could get in a workout, I would have been opting for nothing. laugh Sometimes I can be so lazy. Hope that the fires where contained, and the area can get back to normal (with some rain of couse). wink I did have one question for you on Asylum, are there other options for pull-ups? I saw a breakdown of the workouts, and I don't know that I can handle pull-ups. They top my list of least favorite exercise.

Have a great day everyone!


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