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TOPIC: Want to organize a weight loss challenge at work. HELP

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December 8, 2011 7:34 AM
I want to organize a weight loss challenge at work starting in the new year. Perfect timing to get some healthy competition and help MYSELF lose some more weight. HOWEVER, I have NO idea how to go about it. I know people need to pay to enter and then the money goes towards an award....etc. How should I do this? Should the weight loss be percentage of body weight? Should people do it groups? Solo? How does this work? I've never done one OR organized one. Gives me some details.....

Thanks everyone!
December 8, 2011 8:01 AM
% is wayyy more fair. So stick to percentage.
As for singles or groups...i have done challenges both ways on here and i thought team was more motivating but i also had a good team. Im sure it was frustrating to those who had to deal with team members who slacked off or fell off the wagon.
BE ORGANIZED! Make a spreadsheet print it out and things should go smoothly. :o) Have fun.
December 8, 2011 8:14 AM
Did Bigget Loser in my office.

Stick with body's fair my boss is 140 pounds and well....let's just say I'm not....

We played 2 different rounds:

1st one: 3 month challenge:

Every Monday you weigh...5 dollars no matter what. I like this way so even if people quite halfway through they STILL pay. Highest percent to weight loss won the pot.

2nd one: 3 month challenge:

Every Monday you weigh...1 dollar for every pound gained. If you gained ANYTHING, you pay. If you gained .20, you paid a dollar. No gain = no pay. Same with losses. This way is also nice. Highest percent winner that week was bought lunch on Friday by the losing members in the group. Money in the pot at the end....Went to highest percent lost.

Side note: Our manger weighed us every Monday. Not everyone was comfortable with weights being shared.
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December 8, 2011 8:18 AM
Ok we do the "biggest loser challenge" every February at my work. We do a ten week challenge. Every employee wanting to participate puts in $20. Depending on how many people participate we sometimes do a first second and third place. But if its only like 8-10 people we just do a first place. I keep a spreadsheet of everyone's weekly weigh-ins. Make it the same place and time for everyone. Have whoever is NOT participating in the challenge conduct the weigh-ins and keep the spreadsheet log of info. We go by the body fat percentage since we have people at 130lbs up to 300lb so that levels the playing field. We even set up a luncheon at 5 weeks where everyone brought in a HEALTHY dish, it definitely helped to boost the morale of the contest.
December 8, 2011 8:24 AM
We just did this at work, we will finish on December 23. We went by % which I think is good. we had two people agree to collect the weights every week. All participants chipped in $20 to the pot. If you did not send in your weight or if you gained,you had to put money in the pot. The bottom three (of 22) had to put $5 in the pot as well. It was the honor system but you had to send a picture of your weight on the scale so if you were going to cheat, you really had to work at it! We did not accept just numbers. We had some drop outs----but the pot grew to around $600 I think by the time we get done. We are running it for 12 weeks. We ahve had two people lose ove 10% and the total weight lost is around 250 pounds which is amazing. We sent the list of weight loss which was an incentive or deterrent depending on how you look at it. WE shared recipes and tips. We had several weight watchers, some jorge cruz, some south beach, some atkins, some three hour diet one jenny craig so quite the variety of techniques. We are saving 1/3 of the pot to distribute to the person who maintains the weight loss at 6 months. smile


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