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November 9, 2011 4:34 PM
I have been on Jenny Craig for 2 1/2 weeks. This is my 4th time back and the weight is coming off really slow. I keep coming back because it is easier, more convenient (although I do enjoy cooking) . The issue is the cost. I am trying to justify the cost but am having a difficult time. I just got a price list last week and see that the small turkey burger is like $7, the dinners too and the breakfast average about $4 each. The portions are sooo small, I have to add a salad, fruit or veggies to each meal. For those that are not familiar with the program, on top of their food you still need to buy fruits and veggies and yogurt. The average week of food is $125. I can get a lean cuisine for about $3 so I can do the frozen foods on my own for half the price. The problem also lies in the fact that when I got off last time I put the weight back on. I want to succeed at this but I am once again questioning, is the cost worth it???IS it a good value? In addition to the food I get a consultation which is basically just asking how my week was and what my goals are for next week. The plus is my sponsor did tell me about this site :) HAs anybody been successful on this plan and kept the weight off...or tried this and then found a better solution? Any ideas will help! I cant give up but I can change my direction.....
November 9, 2011 4:43 PM
I used to work for them (after I lost nearly 100 lbs back in 1990) and discuss this with your counselor. We would help out by having them just buy 3 or 4 days of JC food and you do the other days on your own - which is what we used to do when a client got 1/2 way - wanted to "wean" them off of JC foods. You CAN do this on your own - just get your mind wrapped around it - sometimes you think you can NOT DO IT WITHOUT THEM but you CAN!! I loved JC but then they added some additives in their foods that make me quite ill (Maltodextrin) so with that and their $$ I decided to go to WW and have done GREAT! So yes YOU CAN DO THIS but I would sit with your counselor FIRST to see if she/he will WORK with YOUR BUDGET!! They should!
November 9, 2011 4:46 PM
I've done Jenny Craig. I found it too expensive and I disagreed with their push to get me to eat 1200 calories a day when I was burning 2000+ calories daily (verified by a bodymediafit band). I did like having someone to talk to every week. I liked checking in weekly. It kept me on track until I'd formed some good habits. I also liked their emphasis on eating lots and lots of veggies.

If you really like the prepared meals (they are convenient!), you can eat healthy choice or lean cuisine for 1/2 the price. You just follow the Jenny Craig diet plan, but substitute in one of the other microwaved meals. Jenny Craig employees will try to talk you out of this. They'll tell you the meals aren't formulated "right" but the truth is... there's nothing special about the Jenny Craig meals. I've compared macro and micro nutrients... you're not getting anything from Jenny Craig that you can't get elsewhere. You can find a reliable substitute for everything.

And you can still go to the weekly meetings. I went for a long time even while eating my own food. Every single time, they tried to talk me into eating fewer calories and Jenny Craig food, but my attitude was that I hired them and so I would use the services that I paid for the way that I wanted to use them, and that included using the counseling services without paying extra for the food.
November 9, 2011 4:49 PM
I have never tried Jenny Craig but I believe you can successful without it if you are faithful about logging your food (accurately) and make good choices. Don't treat this like a "diet", treat it how you want to eat for the rest of your life :) I have a food scale (which I don't use as much now) and weighed/measured my food when I first started so that I had an accurate look at what my serving sizes and now those foods are on my log so all I have to do is check the box. You do have to look up food to get accurate info every once in a while but that is just good training, IMHO. I have lost just over 50lbs since joining this site after Christmas last year. I try to eat right, don't beat myself up or quit if I don't, and workout 3-4 times a week. I'm not saying it's easy, and I still overeat on occassion, but I pick myself up and keep going. It is totally doable!
November 9, 2011 4:49 PM
I started off using Nutrisystem, similar to JC. I lost about 40lbs, but I eventually got tired of eating their food so I got off track and gained 50lbs. Now I am on MFP and am just counting calories and exercising on my own. The food I am eating now is much tastier and more satisfying in my opinion and you don't have to be chained to buying their food! I do sometimes eat frozen entrees like Lean Cuisine, Smart Ones, etc. But I have been learning how to cook healthier which I think is important bc this is a lifestyle change. Nutrisystem was great for teaching me portion sizes, how to choose good proteins/dairy.
November 10, 2011 10:20 PM
Im using their food but logging as well. I've lost 19kg so far. I don't eat their breakfast and I am well under their kj goal that they set. (2000cals, I've been doing 1600 and just dropped to 1400)

For me they're a crutch. I could try and do it on my own but I've been trying to do that for 15 years. In 4kg I'm switching to 2 days a week all by myself. This is my second time. First time I lost 15kg and put 20kg back on. But that was because I went from eating their food to eating total crap.

I'll be using them for another 28kg. Once I get to 90kg I'll be doing it myself for the last 20kg.
November 11, 2011 7:39 AM
I'm not a fan- too much meat, wheat, sugar, and dairy in the JC program. I love the idea of measured portions that take the guesswork out of meals, but JC food is not for me. I am eating Amy's meals, and trying to choose only the dairy free, gluten free ones, and also a few Weight Watchers and Healthy Choices if they are meatless and use minimal dairy. I may add a salad to one meal if I can, with grapeseed oil and vinegear. But lately I have not felt like eating salad because it is so hard to get fresh veggies where I live.
November 14, 2011 4:53 PM
I did Nutri system before as well and lost the weight only to put it back on. I will try to stick with mfp and do it this way and learn to eat on my own. So far since starting my own meals it has been eye opening to see how many calories I still have left after eating all of my meals. Like today I made what I think is a not so healthy choice (pizza) but still am under my calories. I cant wait to see the end result, hoping it is a loss and not a gain but after starving myself on Jenny Craig for 3 weeks, I am sure my body is in shock! Thanks for all of your responses, they have been very helpful and encouraging :)
November 14, 2011 5:10 PM
Everybody keeps asking me, "What did you do" or "What are you doing to lose the weight." I tell them the same thing, "I log EVERYTHING I eat." When they tell me that is too much work and they dont have the time, I stop the conversation. For those who are still interested I tell them more. It works if you are diligent about it. I dont cheat. But that is just me. I dont eat fast food, pizza, french fries, or anything greasy. I also realize I cant even eat rice anymore. It feels like there is an alien in my stomach. My sister and I were both able to lose over 30 lbs a piece and we just had eachother (and MFP). It will work. Dont give up!
November 14, 2011 5:14 PM
When it comes to working out its all education, you just have to educate yourself on whats good and whats not.... sure a point system of what you can eat is ok or a calender day of what meats to eat is ok also but in the end its just a well thought out plan sold to thousands who think its to tuff to make a meal plan themselves....

Well here's the real deal this website here "" does all the jenny craig jazz for you! all you have to do is put in what your goal and what your eatting a day and stay within that and proper excerise with water intake...... I'm sorry but why do jenny craig and then belong to this website? total waste of money on your part. I understand and dont mean to sound harsh but you can make this website work for you so easy! Just ask the main home board anything and within an 1hr you will have your answer..... fad diets and fad gyms are so over rated you have to really listen to your own body. Im just finding that out now and its never been easier for me....
November 20, 2011 12:24 PM
I have 18-25 lbs. to lose and went on Jenny Craig yesterday but am thinking about cancelling next week after eating only two days worth of their apparently have 10 days to cancel the contract for a refund. I am just not liking the food. I love the idea of controlled portions and sticking to about 1200 calories per day and need the accountability but I can't justify the price when the food tastes like crap. I did Nutrisytem many years ago and started to gross out on their food too....shelf-stable food where you add water to rehydrate the meat? I seriously though JC food would taste better since it is frozen and costs more. Not so. Neither is very tasty. As for other diets..Atkins.....gross out on all the meat and don't like eggs. Weight Watchers....hate the new point system and wasn't doing well sticking within the point range. Besides, unless you have good self-control, you could eat up all your daily points with a personal pan pizza, etc. Thinking about going back to just counting calories on my own here and cutting back on my alcohol wine....but it just induces food binges. The point is there is no easy, one size fits all diet, but unless you like what are you eating and aren't starving, you won't stick with it. Moderation is key as is self-control.
December 2, 2012 5:54 PM
I know this topic is super old, but thought I'd add that Lean Cuisine and Jenny Craig are actually made by the same company ;) both are Nestlé! Makes me wonder if there really is anything special about JC. What gets me most is that if you convert JC meals to WW points - yowza.


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