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TOPIC: How does Slim in 6 work?

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November 8, 2011 12:44 PM
Hello, I just bought slim in 6 at a garage sale and there was no instructions or guide included. I quickly viewed the tapes, there are 3 all together like phases or something... Do I change tapes every two weeks, for six weeks total? Or do I exercise 6 days a week? If anyone knows, and can tell me what's what - that would be awesome! Thanks

Also I am a beginner, as in I haven't worked out in years and I am moderately overweight.
November 28, 2011 10:14 AM
Found this on the Beachbody website. Hope it helps you.

Slim in 6

42 days counting rest days = 6 weeks

Daily Schedule
Days 1-6 Start it Up
Day 7 Rest
Days 8-13 Ramp it Up
Day 14 Rest
Days 15-20 Ramp it Up
Day 21 Rest
Days 22 - 27 Burn it Up
Day 28 Rest
Days 29 - 34 Burn it Up
Day 35 Rest
Days 36 - 41 Burn it Up
Day 42 Rest

Or think of it this way, Weekly Schedule (workout 6 days a week)
Week 1 Start it Up
Weeks 2-3 Ramp it Up
Weeks 4-6 Burn it Up

When do I do Slim & 6 Pack or Slim & Limber? Once you start the Slim in 6 program, this is the regimen to add if the ab routine on the videos is not challenging you anymore. We do not recommend doing Slim in 6 Pack more than three times a week though. You can do Slim & Limber as often as you like to stretch and relax, even on your day off.

When do I get to use the bands? Resistance Band work appears in Ramp it Up and Burn it Up.

Start it Up is too easy? Move on to Ramp it Up as early as Day 3 if Start it Up is too easy. Don't move on faster than this though, as you need to get used to Debbie's moves.
November 28, 2011 10:22 AM
P.S. this may be useful as well

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