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TOPIC: Thank You For Your Great Suggestions

November 7, 2011 4:55 PM
Dear Posters,

Thank you for the continuous supply of great ideas and suggestions for the site.

Mike and the rest of the staff at MyFitnessPal want you to know that we review this thread regularly, and are busily at work on a long to-do list of exciting new features.

In fact, many of the features that have been added to the site (and our apps) over the years have come directly from the posts in this forum. So thank you.

It may seem, when we do not respond directly to posts here, that we are not paying attention. Please understand that we are an extremely small team at MyFitnessPal, and we put the vast majority of our time and energy into actually building the features that you've requested. Unfortunately, if we took the time to respond to all of your great ideas, we'd halve our programming and engineering time. Never fear: we are listening!

I understand that many members would like to know what we're working on next. We tend not to be very public about upcoming new features until they're ready to roll out, as this gives us a competitive advantage against other sites that might be very interested in our future plans. So please know that we spend all day, every day, working on improvements to the site.

Please keep those suggestions coming. We rely on them!

Warm regards,
MyFitnessPal Staff

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