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TOPIC: Wheat free or carb free breakfast ideas?

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September 25, 2011 3:41 AM
I'm starting over with my diet as it doesn't seem to be changing much (my weight i mean not my diet!)

I didn't eat loads of packaged high salt, junk food etc anyway.

The only thing I can think of now is carbs after reading about effects of hormones after 40 and also been reading about people who who went carb free with hormone or thyroid problems and finally lost their weight.

For many wheat is often the problem rather than carbs in general and I had already reduced the amount of potatoes, bread and rice I eat per week etc.. The only thing that hasn't changed is my breakfast cereal and I'm stuck...

Oats would be ok under wheat free i presume? but special K which contains wheat flakes would have to be replaced with something else.. rice krispies??

But rice and oats would BOTH be classed as carbs if I was going carb free? and of course toast is a popular breakfast cereal... would gluten free bread be carb free? (I do like my toast.. and can't imagine having eggs without toast either)

but what else could I have for breakfast if I cut out carbs completely? I can't have nuts due to severe nut allergy (had anaphylaxis twice from peanuts.. and other nuts give milder symptoms such as flu-like symptoms, prickly heat or rash)

currently just having an Ensure shake for breakfast (330cals) and a cup of tea.

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September 25, 2011 3:50 AM
eggs. I just put one in a measuring cup add a bit of cut up onion stir it up.. microwave for one minute.
.. and you could add other veggies (not sure if veggies have carbs?) .. easy :) And, I saw that you liked eggs with toast.. but.. if you want to give up carbs.. then I guess you will need to stop the bread. Honestly, I put my egg on a 1/2 of an english muffin. But, one slice of light wheat toast shouldn't be too bad. hmm.. Not sure that I could give up carbs completely. Good Luck
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September 25, 2011 3:54 AM
You might be interested in reading this article on how wheat promotes viceral fat:

I've issued a challenge for the next two weeks for not eating wheat, and people have posted links to no gluten recipe sites. You might want to check them out:

My breakfast (I'm not worried about carbs as long as I don't have too many) is to boil 3 TBsp of old fashioned rolled oats in a cup of water, and when the porridge is thick, to add 1 cup of wild blueberries. Eat that with 3 TBsp 0% yoghurt. Its very filling, and helps you stick to diet for the rest of the day.
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September 25, 2011 4:00 AM
Eggs and if you are worried about fat try "center cut" bacon, has about half the fat as regular bacon and taste better because you are getting the good part of the bacon!
September 25, 2011 7:15 AM

Is the onion raw when you put it in with the eggs and how long do you microwave for?

I'm not sure if its the wheat or the gluten thats the issue... even vegs with carbs in won't contain the gluten element... would oats?

I've heard of ryebread but never tried it, I guess you can get gluten free bread now.. I don't know if ryebread will contain the same gluten from wheat?

I won't be cutting back vegs as theres only certain ones I like anyway.. and some things I can't do without.. I was brought up in yorkshire and I can't imagine sunday dinner without yorkshire pudding... though I only have a mini one with my meat and veg and skip the roasties now... I like sweet potato chips instead of oven chips.

If its the gluten and wheat thats the issue then oats and rice krispies should be ok?

I can manage restricting myself to a mini yorkie and few slices of toast a week, but most breakfasts and certainly the healthy low cal ones contain wheat in some way.. only non wheat ones i can think of are Rice Krispies and Coco Pops.. lol!

I would maybe try a week with no carbs at all see if can start weight dropping then just add in one carb item a week, see if weight goes up, if nothing maybe that ones ok and I can try another carb item to see what happens? like they do with allergy testing.

I thought if I restrict white potatoes to once a week so one day i can have a small jacket potato or a few boiled potatoes with dinner, I can replace rice with cauliflower rice I saw a recipe for to go with my home made curries.

Even snacks today I had tomato soup with ryvita thins and didn't think but they are made from wheat and rye.. even rice cakes would be be classed as carbs? .. though i suspect its the wheat/gluten element.

I'm thinking of trying a small gluten free loaf for my toast as I do love scrambled eggs on toast or boiled eggs with toasted soldiers!! wink

I don't eat pies and pastries either.
September 25, 2011 7:31 AM
i know someone that did a carb free diet and lost 3 and a half stone in 4 months. she highly recommend it to me but i failed to keep it up being i still live at home found it hard having to do different meals.

For breakfast she was having eggs, bacon and grilled toms which use to keep her filled up for ages. this breakfast also worked for me as i then did not get hungry and did not reach for any snackssmile
September 25, 2011 9:49 AM
love that breakfast! I do like my traditional eggs, bacon and sausage though find it difficult to get my head round chicken and salmon etc for breakfast like some people do.

I love toast though.. I'm thinking of trying some gluten free bread to see if I specifically have a wheat/gluten intolerance but will also be reducing all other carbs and see how I do.

Also starting progesterone cream after this lot of monthlies..think meant to start on the 12sth day.. but can't remember whether thats 12 days after they start or 12 days after they end! ohwell
September 25, 2011 10:02 AM
Are you sure about cutting out carbs completely? Maybe just set a limit on your carbs. I eat about 20- 30 net carbs a day. I get most of my carbs from vegetables, but for breakfast I have oat bran . I zap the oat bran in the microwave , then add butter and some cream cheese. Sometimes I have two pieces of turkey bacon with it. I tell you I am not hungry until lunch time!

I have read that oat bran helps to curb your appetite and helps with weight loss around the belly. So far it's working for me and it keeps me full.
September 25, 2011 10:44 AM
As everyone has said, eggs are the perfect low carb breakfast but I do find they get boring after a while. I also sometimes just have ham with other low carb things such as cheese (a quick and easy one is to smear some Laughing Cow cheese on a slice of ham, roll it up and eat it).

I also sometimes have homemade chocolate oatbran muffins - I usually make a batch at the beginning of the week (15 minutes in total to prepare and bake) and have them as a snack or for breakfast (fab with a coffee in the morning).

I've posted the recipe I use here:

If you are in the UK (if I remember rightly, you are), you can get Mornflake oatban next to the porridge in most supermarkets.
September 25, 2011 12:28 PM
Yes I am in Uk. I've never heard of oatbran does that have Gluten in it?

I'm not cutting out all carbs I'm mainly thinking replacing bread, and wheat cereals and cutting down on rice, potatoes.

I'm starting with removing wheat to see if that has an effect... i might for example have fish that has batter, or chicken breadcrumbed every now and again but not have sandwiches every day for lunch AND wheat based cereal everyday.

I've currently got a box of Oats so simple to eat yet.. I like the golden syrup flavour.. I don't have anything with it except a cup of tea!
The other cereal I have been eating is Special K.. Oats and Honey... that's not all wheat flakes but there are some in there but it does seem to be more oats than wheat flakes.. I'm not sure if those wheat flakes would have gluten in them the same way as breads, pies and pastries would?.. as they are crispy rather than doughy like bread.

I do my shopping online via Ocado every few weeks and get it delivered.. its easier for me.. I'll search for 'Mornflake oatbran' when I do my next shop. Those muffins sound good! wink
September 25, 2011 12:44 PM
Hi Shakybabe - I think there is a small amount of gluten (in the form of avenin) in oatbran, just as in oats. If you can tolerate oats then I would think you would be fine with oatbran. I love it as it adds fibre to your diet, which can sometimes be difficult to get when lowering your carb intake.

I would think that Ocado will stock Mornflake. They are a Cheshire-based firm:

There is more about the type of gluten in oat bran online here:
September 26, 2011 4:57 AM

I got my food shop today.. I got some rice krispies as most of other cereals with oats or rice in seemed to also contain nuts and I have a severe nut allergy.

Found some gluten free bread to try so can still have my eggs on toast and got garlic butter so can do garlic bread with it too!

Rice is one of few grains that doesn't contain gluten it said in the ingredients of one item so I got some snack-a-jacks choc chip (flavoured rice cakes) to snack on and some melon slices, mixed berries frozen so last longer, pouring yoghurt to try.. (I have tried greek yoghurt before I wasn't keen).

salad or soup for lunches instead of sandwiches and got butternut squash, and swede to do mashed in place of potatoes with some meals.. might allow myself a small jacket potato per week and got cauliflower to try cauliflower rice in place of rice one time in the week. I won't be cutting it out completely.

I was surprised the sausages I usually get and the Chinese style chicken wings both contained gluten so didn't get those. I got some prawns and a cod bake in the bag with a butter sauce.

I'm hoping just removing bread and pasta will have an effect on my weight and that it was mainly the gluten that was the problem.. anyway I'll try it for a few weeks until this food shop runs out and see how I go.


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