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September 21, 2011 6:20 AM
Someone handed me some Plexus Slim this morning. Told me it was a supplement.... As I research, it seems to be more of a "diet pill"

Anyone know about it? Taken it?

I typically don't believe diet pills are a good idea. Is this a diet pill, or a supplement?
September 21, 2011 6:25 AM
well they don't list the ingredient amounts on their website, but looking at the ingredients it is non stim, has some herbal appetite suppressants, and some other stuff. i think it has potential to work slightly as an appetite suppressant but without knowing the dosages it's hard to tell how effective it could be
September 21, 2011 6:37 AM
What was given to me also has an "accelerator" in it. The accelerator has a "do not take if you have" warning. One of the conditions is high blood pressure.. I have hbp, so thinking I will be handing this packet back to the guy who gave it to me!
April 30, 2012 9:39 AM
Oh god the robot is
October 30, 2013 5:13 AM
I do take Plexus and there is no way you can Look at the program and tell what it Seems to be. The Slim is not a diet pill, it is a drink initially formulated for diabetics. What they found out is that while diabetics with both low and high blood sugars were either going up or coming down depending on their needs, they were also losing weight. More studies were done and that became one of the major reasons why people are drinking it to day and they have 22 million in sales. The Accelerator comes with a not take if you have heart conditions. Yes I have a couple and I do NOT take it although my doc looked at the ingredients and said try it and monitor and get back with me. It only raised my pulse 8 points and did nothing to my pressure But because of the Slim only, my blood pressure has dropped and my doc has cut back not only my Metoprolol to one and a half of two 100 mg tabs a day but has also cut my Metformin to the same but it is two 500 mg tabs cut back by a half a tab. This drink is replacing my sugar needs by introducing natural sweeteners and cutting my cravings for bad carbs (which we all know turn into sugars) and working with my hormones to reduce my daily sugar testing numbers and ultimately my A1C which I have tested every month. YES MY DOCTOR AND PHARMACIST are in on this and are watching my results.

There are MANY other benefits that are called non-scale benefits. And it has been helping with symptoms of other illnesses and diseases people never dreamed of it helping with and lab tests along with changes in the people are proving things out. The claims they make ON THE WEBSITE have to be FDA approved even if it is a dietary supplement. IF they make false claims they get shut down. That's why there are claims of ways that the products are helping that we cannot make, only the people that live with whatever they have can. I live with a Parent who has Alzheimers and ham here 24/7 trying to find work. The arguments between two people I love are horrendous. The slim changes how I feel, my outlook is better, I seem to be able to handle my days without crying and my depression has lifted. This is only due to the drink NOT ACCELERATORS. I drink half my weight in water which by the way has gone down. Now the company cannot make this claim that I am and I am not saying it's a cure. You don't cure depression anyways, you get it lifted by what...drugs? That come with how many warnings, do not take with, could cause, if you get sudden...OMG the warnings on all meds are horrendous. IF it's not contraindicated for use, its got three levels of warnings, severe, moderate and rarely. The FDA simply will not do tests on dietary supplements and rely on private testing to do so. Until it is tried and followed, it cannot be spoken of in a negative manner on what it looks like.

I started out at 286, with 4 stents and still afraid to do more than a short slow walk with some light weights. My goal is to lose some weight and start adding to my work outs slowly. As I build lean muscle, I know I will lose fat. I am losing fat now, not just water weight. Remember how i said I drank half my weight in water..this is in ounces. I keep my body hydrated I eat between 1500 and 1800 a day even though this site said I needed 1830. I feel great on anywhere between those two numbers. I have lost 16 lbs, two jean sizes a whole X in my tops and two underwear sizes. My inches are going down. My hormone levels are slowly changing and with the Bio Cleanse and Probiotics I am reducing my Candida I know I have which is responsible or exacerbates many known illnesses, especially stomach and bowel problems.

Plus...I am making money...not a lot yet but I'm making it. This is a boon to me because I am out of work and looking, wanting to go back to college at my age. So this extra income is helping me to send cash to treasury to get my student loan out of default. This too is a non scale victory. My tape measure and I no longer hate each other lol...jk but that's what I feel like. So please, do not put down what you do not know about. Being sensible, eating right, working out, and using this to boost or start the weight loss especially when you have been told do NOT exert or make your heart rate and blood pressure go over certain amounts, will eventually work for me and it can work for others too. NOt everyone can afford a personal trainer but I can show people how they can afford to not only take this product but help others too. IF you have any questions or want to know more, please feel free to contact me. Thank You and have a Blessed day.

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