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TOPIC: 5' 2" - ideal weight

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July 25, 2011 10:01 PM
So I'm 5" 2" and wondering what the ideal ~good~ weight should be for a woman. I'm aiming for 110 pounds. . . anyone with a similar situation?
July 25, 2011 10:07 PM
Thats actually a good weight for you to be, anywhere from 99-124lbs is good for ya. Im 5'3 so I understand where you are coming from, shortie! flowerforyou
July 25, 2011 10:07 PM
I am also 5'2. My goal weight for now is 120, but I may reevaluate when I get there. According to the bmi calculator anywhere between 101.2 and 136.7 lbs is in the "healthy" range for our height.
July 25, 2011 10:07 PM
I am 5'2" as well. I thought my goal weight should be around 125 but after reading a similiar post and also doing some research I think I should be 115-120. I know this is going to sound stupid but I was watching a movie with my boyfriend the other night and he mentioned Selma Hayek was sooooo hot so I looked up her measurements along with Vita Guerra (who is also another fave of his) and they are both 115 lbs and 5' 2". I am curvy as well so I thought this might be a good goal for me.
July 25, 2011 10:08 PM
I'm 5'2" with an athletic build. I'm at my goal weight of 124.0. :)
July 25, 2011 10:13 PM
I`m a little under 5``2` and i used to be 113lb, so i think 110lb would be an ideal weight for our hights-body frame.

I was diagnosed with depressions, and gained 40-lb.
July 25, 2011 10:13 PM
I'm 5'2" and my goal weight is 110lbs. Originally it was 115lbs but I still have body fat percentage that is only just in the normal. I'd rather it be closer to athletic!
July 25, 2011 10:16 PM
Just wanted to drop in and say...regardless of your eventual goal weight...short girls rock =D.

More seriously (and not that you asked my male opinion) this case...the BMI is usually pretty accurate. I've seen girls your height that were quite attractive anywhere from 105lbs, on up into the 130lb range.
July 25, 2011 10:21 PM
It depends on your body frame, I'm a 5'2 and large frame and I aim for 120-125 lbs. which is actually quite low for my build because the ideal weight for my type is between 128-143lbs. Considering that I'm more toned now with much more muscles compared before but I think it is possible. If your small framed, then 101-120 something will be your ideal weight, 118-132 if your medium built.
July 25, 2011 10:34 PM
5"2 and aiming for 115 lbs.
July 25, 2011 10:38 PM
For Women it is 100 lbs. for the first 5 feet and 5 lbs. for every inch after 5 feet. For men it is 100 lbs. for the first 5 feet and then it is 6 lbs. for each inch after. So, if you are 5'2 it would be 110. Hope that helps!
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July 25, 2011 10:42 PM
I'm 5' 2.5" and GW is 125. But I'll see what it's like and then probably lower it to 120.

BTW, about 10 pounds ago I could not believe I could ever see 125 again. Haven't been that weight since around college! But I'm getting there, and really seeing some changes.

I can't imagine what 115 would look like on me (that's high school weight!!) but if the belly fat still reigns supreme after my GW then it will be my mission to banish it by shooting for 115!
July 25, 2011 10:42 PM
I'm 5'2 also! :D Ive been anywhere from 95lbs-165lbs (was preggo,hehe) and i say my favorite weight on my height was 105lbs (which is my goal) :D
July 25, 2011 10:43 PM

For Women it is 100 lbs. for the first 5 feet and 5 lbs. for every inch after 5 feet. For men it is 100 lbs. for the first 5 feet and then it is 6 lbs. for each inch after. So, if you are 5'2 it would be 110. Hope that helps!

I'm sorry hun...this so seriously doesn't work =(.

I'd be emeciated at 142lbs. I'm no body builder, and am only at 19% bodyfat, but I'm 176lbs right now....and I'm kind of worried about leaning out even to 160lbs:

It might be a rule of thumb that works for a few people...but for many of's not even in range =(. Not trying to be rude, just saying.
July 25, 2011 10:48 PM
Depending on your body size...anywhere from 99-121 is what i have always gone by since i am 5'2 as well.
July 25, 2011 10:51 PM
my goal weight is 120 but when i was in high school i was 115 and i still looked a little pudgy because of my appendix scar so i will have to see i was on a web site sorry cant remember which one but it told me 99.5 but i entered a bunch of info bout family and history to get that and i think it is a little low so i will just have to see when i get to 120 to which way i am going and how i look. plus when i was 115 i was a freshman so i might not look pudgy this time around..
July 26, 2011 4:39 AM
5' 2" and aiming for 140 to begin with... and I'll take things from there :-)
July 26, 2011 4:52 AM
5 2" and 3/4 here! (That's 3/4 makes all the difference, not!) I'm currently aiming for 130 because I think I may have loose skin left over which may mean I can't get down to my ideal weight.
July 26, 2011 5:00 AM
Wow. I'm 52 years old. 5' 2". Been exercising for two months. And currently weight 157 pounds. The last time I weighted 117 was in High School and I was so bony and skinny I would NOT wish that weight on anyone. I'm aiming for 135 lbs by Christmas. Not sure if it matters but I've just gone completely into menopause. have had two wonderful girls and pregnancy does change your body but age makes more ofa change on your body, and the hormonal stuff does too! Truly feel too skinny is not good. Toned muscles do weigh more than non-toned. So think you have to see how you feel when you get down to a lower weight. And think YOU'll know when you are at your ideal weight.
July 26, 2011 6:07 AM
I am 5'2". When I weighed in at 158 after having two kids - I KNEW that I was carrying around too much weight. I know what is suggested for my weight, but I could never even imagine myself at anything under 135. The last time I remember being happy with my body I weighed 140ish. If I get down to that weight again, I will be extremely happy - even if it's not "perfect." My goal is currently to be down to 140 by Halloween - and then I will consider 130 by Christmas even though I honestly don't see that happening... ever. LOL Either way, I don't think you need to worry about what is RIGHT and WRONG for everyone else, but what fits YOU. Best of luck on your journey.
July 26, 2011 10:05 PM

Either way, I don't think you need to worry about what is RIGHT and WRONG for everyone else, but what fits YOU. Best of luck on your journey.

Well said :D
August 14, 2012 7:05 PM
I am aiming for 120.. possibly 115. Last time I weight that was JR. High pre-puberty so it doesnt make sense to try and go below that! Plus I would say I have an athletic build... not sure about my frame...
August 14, 2012 8:33 PM
I'm 5'3 and my goal is 110lbs.
August 14, 2012 8:39 PM
I'm 5'3, but I hate the BMI, because I am busty. Even when I was 160 I had a very small waist but still very busty so I think once you get closer youll know where you are comfortable. Aim for the BMI just don't drive yourself crazy over it.
August 14, 2012 8:56 PM
I'm 5'2 and 1/2 and I currently weigh 125. I have a smaller body frame and I'm still not satisfied with the way I look. My goal is 110 to 115. It totally depends on your body frame though.


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