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TOPIC: Does anyone take Cytomel and Synthroid?

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July 23, 2011 6:51 AM
Does anyone else take Cytomel and Synthroid?

What does the Cytomel do for you?

How long does it take for the medication to kick in?

Did this medication (cytomel/ cytomel synthroid combo) help you to loose or gain weight?

Are there any special things I should know about Cytomel? Cytomel doesn't have a big website like Synthroid does...

I just had a total thyroidectomy on Dec 2nd 2010... I wasn't on thyroid medication before my surgery so all of this is very new to me. I just went to my endocronologist this week and after reviewing my blood work he has changed my medication form 125mcgs of Synthroid to 88mcg of Synthroid and 10mcg of Cytomel.... I have never hear of the medication Cytomel before... I am also concerend about my synthroid being lowered... I am having a hard time loosing weight... I have gained 10lbs since my surgery and I really want to get it off!!! I walk/run 6 miles 5 to 6 times a week and I eat 1200 cals...

Thank you all for your help I really appreciate it!!
July 23, 2011 6:57 AM
I am on methimizole for Graves disease. I still have my thyroid, it was over-producing and the methimizole stops that from happening.

After getting on that medicine, I gained 10 lbs super quick and after repeated efforts to lose it am seriously tracking calories and exercise on here now.

It does seem MUCH harder to lose weight than before. Before, when I did not realize I was hyperthyroid, I could just sort of stop eating dessert and maybe eat a little less at dinner, and the weight would just come off. Now I've only been doing this a week but my daily caloric recommendation with no exercise is only 1300 calories, and I usually exercise 300 - 600 calories more.

Good luck. I hear from other people that over time it works itself out, I really hope that i can get back to my previous weight (i am 5 9 and want to weigh 150, I now weigh 158.)
July 23, 2011 6:58 AM
Cytomel is an isomer of the T3 hormone in your body. It acts as an agonist in your body to help treat hypothyroidism.. symptoms you'd experience with an under-functioning or missing thyroid. The medication should bring your levels back up to normal fairly quickly - the problem is, just like with Synthroid.. you'll need blood levels checked until you plateau.

The only time that Cytomel would/should cause weight loss is when the dose is too high. The problem with this is that too high of a dose could cause toxicity...

You'll also want to exercise caution in using OTC decongestants (e.g. PE or phenylephrine).

Not sure what else I could say here..
July 23, 2011 6:59 AM
I am, same surgery 15 years ago, I have to take sythr the rest of my life! Has it helped me loose weight, not!
July 23, 2011 7:01 AM
I am on both of those, well a generic of both but still the same. The Synthroid is for your T4 levels and the Cytromel is for you T3 levels. In order to have full thyroid functioning, both hormones need to be in balance. They work together, I believe it is the T4 that needs to be turned into T3. Either way, Having your Synthroid lowered is nothing to be concerned about since you will be taking the T3 medication as well. After a month on Cytromel, I started to finally notice progress. I was running 5 days a week as well, spinning the other two, and strength training without seeing results. Being on the T3 medication has helped me to lose what I gained from my thyroid issues, have more energy, and also got my appetite in order.

It sounds like you are very active and may not be eating enough calories. I know it may seem scary, but especially if you are running which is an endurance sport, you should up your calorie intake to at least 1400 a day. You are probably depriving your body of the nutrients it needs, therefore not losing any weight. It can go the other way if you don't provide your body with enough calories a day to function. Good luck with everything and I hope the new combination of meds works well for you!
August 16, 2011 2:03 PM

I recently had a full thyroidectomy (surgery to remove both thyroids) in Feb 2011. I started with only the T4 medication and haven't been able to lose any weight but instead i kept on gaining. After the surgery I have gained 20lbs in like 3 months. So finally, I was put on both T4 and T3 and working out 5 times a week doing cardio for at least 60min and lost 2 lbs. Which is better than gaining. I'm still doing my daily logs and tracking, my goal is to lose 30lbs. I want to be 130lbs.

Anyways, I wanted to know how your doing on both medication so far since you last posted this topic?

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