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July 11, 2011 4:40 AM

I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth moved on Saturday. I had 2 impacted teeth. I took 2 mg ativan the night before and 6mg the day of surgery. I then was given IV sedation. The first 24 hours were ROUGH and I was constantly vomiting. Today is Monday and I am feeling a lot better. It still feels weird because I can feel the stitches but the pain has calmed down. I want to know how soon can I get back to exercising? I am still taking antibiotics, Vicodin and Motrin for pain. I would like to take an hour spinning class tomorrow. Do you believe that is too much, too soon? I have been eating yogurt, applesauce, soup and sipping on a lot of soda (i know soda has A LOT of calorie) to keep my stomach calm. I feel so lazy and want to get back to work. Anyways please share your thoughts on when exercising is allowed. THANKS!
July 11, 2011 4:47 AM
Personally, I think your body will tell you when you will be ready.

I say - if you feel up to it, do it. If you don't, wait.

Good luck!!!
July 11, 2011 4:50 AM
My suggetion is to take a faw days off to recuperate. Maybe even several. I also had impacted wisdom teeth and I tried to get back to normal life ASAP. I got 2 dry sockets in return - UNBELIEVABLY painful! I'd have another baby before I went through THAT again!

Be kind to yourself. A few days of missing workouts won't hurt much if you get back on it after. And a few days of recovery will be worth a lot!

Speedy healing to you! flowerforyou
July 11, 2011 4:51 AM
I personally think it is too soon. My dentist had told me not to do anything too strenous for at least a weak (could cause bleeding)
July 11, 2011 4:52 AM
I think you should wait a week. You don't want to dislodge the clots and have dry sockets.
July 11, 2011 4:53 AM
Take it easy and listen to your body. I had all 4 of mine removed without any problems and the recovery went smooth. Only thing, if I started walking around, cleaning, etc, I got really dizzy and sick to my stomach. This happened only for the first couple days after they were removed. So just listen to yourself, if you need to stop, then stop.
July 11, 2011 4:54 AM
I would suggest waiting a few more days to let your body focus on healing. Your present diet is probably not well rounded, so you should conserve nutrients.

Also, if you do exercise, be really careful on those pain meds. You could injure yourself and not feel it. Then you wouldn't be exercising for a while.
July 11, 2011 4:57 AM
I would wait.. an hour long spinning class seems like a bit much, but if you maybe want to go take a short walk or something, that shouldn't be too bad.

when I had my surgery, I was not sick at all, barely had any pain, ate a sandwich right after surgery and was up walking around woodfield mall two hours after surgery.. obviously this not something that i recommend, but it worked for me.

Just listen to your body and you'll be ok.
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