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TOPIC: Do you wake up in the night to pee?

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July 1, 2011 2:31 PM
I wake up in the middle of the night pretty much every night to pee!!!

Usually I just wake up and stumble into the bathroom and stumble back to sleep without a problem, but other times if it's hot or things are on my mind I can't get back to sleep and lie silently cursing my bladder.

Does anyone else have this problem, I'm hoping with all you water guzzlers out there someone understands!!

I've just been downing a glass of water and thinking I'm going to regret this later!!
July 1, 2011 2:35 PM
im the same every night and like you when my brain keeps ticking i cant get back to sleep its just something you have to live with i supposeyawn
July 1, 2011 2:39 PM
I just go while I'm sleeping. Pisses the wife off, but oh well.

Ok, I do get up usually once.
July 1, 2011 2:39 PM
I have notice if I drink water too late this happens. I wouldn't drink at least an hour before bed. The water needs to drain out at some point :)
July 1, 2011 2:39 PM
I hate when that happens. It happens to me alot. It doesn't help that the Dr has me on a water pill. I toss and turn and wake up in the morning so tired. Not a good feeling.
July 1, 2011 2:40 PM
IF you can't go back to sleep after using the restroom, you could do a few short (10-20 min) workouts just to burn some of the energy so you can get back to sleep...
July 1, 2011 2:40 PM
I do too! All of the sudden recently I wake up 2-3 hours before I'm planning to and pee, no idea why lol
July 1, 2011 2:41 PM
I have that problem yet I don't drink that much water. I have been drinking more recently, and usually when I get up in the middle of the night I can't get back to sleep - usually because the street light is blaring in or my boyfriend is snoring his head off. I think in the end your body gets used to it and the need to pee is less often. I don't know though, but I know how you feel! xD
July 1, 2011 2:42 PM
Just wait until you get a bit older....
July 1, 2011 2:42 PM
YES! That happens to me too, sometimes more then once. Usually I can get back to sleep though.
July 1, 2011 2:54 PM
I always do an hour or two before I have to get up! And I weigh myself after too! noway grumble
July 1, 2011 3:03 PM
lol I don't think I am at the stage yet where I would even consider working out in the middle of the night!! Good idea but I am sooooo lazy that is so not going to happen!! :D
July 1, 2011 3:06 PM
sometimes if i drink alot before bed
July 1, 2011 3:08 PM
I get up I dont generally wake up.
July 1, 2011 3:11 PM
The funny thing with me is, I get up less now that I am drinking my 8+cups of water per day versus when I wasn't drinking that amount. I still go a ton during the day, but for some reason I don't need to get up while I am asleep (most nights anyways!)

July 1, 2011 3:56 PM
I do, at least 2-3 times per night. Luckily, I practically sleep walk to the bathroom and when I get back in bed I fall right back asleep.
July 1, 2011 4:09 PM
Just wet the bed.i
July 1, 2011 4:28 PM
4am ....almost every night on the dot..
July 1, 2011 5:21 PM
every night at least once! it's annoying! hahaha
July 1, 2011 5:30 PM
I do the same thing! I get up at least twice. I sometimes go back to sleep, but sometimes stay awake thinking. It doesn't matter if I drink early or late, it's like my bladder has a timer... so frustrating!

July 1, 2011 5:37 PM
if i have me some water before bed i will usually wake up around 6am, right before i have to get up which bites so i try to drink my water then pee (even if i don't have to) before i hit the sack.
July 1, 2011 5:45 PM
I hate this! I'm just glad I'm not a guy, because I go from our room right into the bathroom and never turn a light on, so my eyes never have to get any light let into them. This usually lets me get right back to sleep.
July 1, 2011 8:19 PM
Yep! Usually sometime between 3&4 am. It makes my puppies mad too because I have to disturb them, so they usually leave and go sleep somewhere else!drinker
July 1, 2011 8:21 PM
Every night AT LEAST once a night. I am also the annoying friend who has to stop on a road trip. "Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now..." embarassed
July 1, 2011 8:27 PM
I try not to open my eyes much and don't turn on many lights, (or any, if possible). Sometimes I am not even sure if I really got up to pee or not...I'm so efficient with it that I don't even remember doing it!


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