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TOPIC: Nausea with Coconut Oil?

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June 28, 2011 10:56 PM
I just recently got into using coconut meat/water/milk/oil as part of my new eating habits. Today was my first day and I had 2oz of meat in a smoothie and was fine all day at work. BUT when I came home to have another smoothie, I added some coconut oil and milk to the smoothie to give it more of a coconut taste. After about 3 hours, I was hit with horrible stomach cramps and excessive diarrhea. After 5 hours, I finally couldn't even make it to the bathroom before I threw up pretty much everything I had eaten today. Is it because I had too much coconut? Does my body need to get used to having it? What's the best way to ease it into my diet because apparently I overdid it today and I do NOT want to do that again.
June 28, 2011 11:06 PM
yeah it will do that to yeah
June 28, 2011 11:13 PM
I can't eat more than a tablespoon of coconut oil or it upsets my stomach. I use it in popcorn and love it!

I'd just limit it. Try a tsp. or less to start. Sorry you got sick!
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June 28, 2011 11:18 PM
oh man that sucks...yes pure coconut and its oil has been known to give people rather bad reactions. I am sorry you had to go through that!
June 28, 2011 11:23 PM
Make absolutely sure you're using raw, unrefined, unfiltered, undeodorized coconut oil. It'll have a light taste and smell of coconuts. There is more than one brand out there on healthfood shelves that says "virgin"- but you won't find "raw" or "unrefined" anywhere on the label.

Start with just adding 1tbsp and gradually build it up to 3tbsp.
June 29, 2011 9:57 AM
Thanks everyone, I can't even look at coconut oil right now but when I start having it again--I'll start slow and probably try a different brand as well.


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