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TOPIC: How long do you wait to go running after you've eaten a meal

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June 19, 2011 7:04 PM
I had 2 cups of chicken noodle soup at around 7:30pm and it is now 10:00 pm.

I will try to go running but I feel like it's too early after I've eaten. i usually get bad heartburn during running if I didn't wait enough after a meal.

How long do you wait?
June 19, 2011 7:10 PM
It all depends on your body, personally I can go around 45 minutes after I eat a normal sized meal and feel alright. But if your body takes longer to digest stuff, then it could take your food longer to digest and settle down.
June 19, 2011 7:10 PM
Id say you have waited plenty of time.
I know your not suppose to exercise right away because then you burnt he food you have just eaten instead of your body fat...
But i think 2 and a half hours is plenty of time ^-^
June 19, 2011 7:11 PM
Usually an hour is good but it depends on the person. I can usually workout half an hour after I eat. It depends on the size of my meal too.
June 19, 2011 7:11 PM
I usually wait a couple of hours. Depends on the meal, soup would not scare me I might run as soon as it would not slosh. This is really individual. You will just have to experiment and see how you tummy reacts and make the proper adjustments.
June 19, 2011 7:12 PM
Personally I need to give it at least 2 hours depending on what it was I ate. If the meal was particularly hardy I may wait 3-4 hours and cross my fingers I don't get cramps.

Hope that helps!
June 19, 2011 7:12 PM
i can exercise as soon as i am done eating. no problems here
June 19, 2011 7:13 PM
Listen to your body! I always have to run on an empty stomach or I crampy and/or headaches!
2 1/2 hours seems like long enough, I usually wait 3 hours after eating before running or I go first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.
June 19, 2011 7:14 PM
Listen to what your body is telling you. I think everyone has a different threshold, as I can see from the other posts. I usually can exercise after about 45 min to 1 hour after eating. If you feel like you can still feel the food sloshing around in your stomach, then maybe you should give it a little longer, if not you should be fueled up and ready to go :-)
June 19, 2011 7:14 PM
Maybe a half hour to an hour. I've never run after a heavy meal, though. Just after a lunch or breakfast.
June 19, 2011 7:17 PM
I can't run after I've eaten a fairly large meal, for at least a few hours, usually 2-3. It's just how my stomach works, because I need to run on practically empty or else I have issues, and they're never pretty issues.

But that's just me.
June 19, 2011 7:17 PM
I'm pretty sure you'll be fine because soup is a light meal. I eat light meals all the time before I take a run. You get into trouble if you eat something heavy like a steak, or a burger.
June 19, 2011 7:19 PM
i usually wait 45min to an hour
June 19, 2011 7:41 PM
For me the average wait is 2 1/2 to 3 hours. It works just fine for me. Listen to your body, though. That's the most important!


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