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May 25, 2011 8:13 AM
What did you eat?

Did you follow the program to a T?

Which Program did you use?

How much weight did you lose?

How did your body change?

How soon did you see results? What did you see?

I'm really curious, cause I wanna start this either this weekend or next week?

Any tips or suggestions you can give me?

How should I prepare? hehe

Thanks in advance. I'm nervous. I've never been a runner in my life and I'm a pear.
May 25, 2011 8:17 AM
May 25, 2011 8:18 AM
I can't say about the changes or the weight loss, because although I'm on week 5 of c25k, I've been doing other things in between (weights in the gym, some swimming, some ellipitical, and some hiking) and following the MPF 1lb a week calorie deficit.

I have noticed a massive increase in my stamina and fitness.

The reason I'm posting though (apart from to say good luck and go for it!) is to say that for me, the MOST important thing was to get fitted for some proper running shoes fairly early on - by early I mean I did this on week 2! They cost unfortunately, but I went from enough knee pain to think I'd never be able to run, to being able to follow the programme without a sore knee at all.
May 25, 2011 8:19 AM
I am curious to that too. I downloaded Jeff Galloway's c25k this morning and I actually went and did it. Then I continued to walk for another 3 miles. I couldnt quite run but I decided to speed walk. I realized I need to go shopping for a sports bra before I can do the running so I am going for that this afternoon!
May 25, 2011 8:19 AM
Don't wait, start today, it's awesome! Running will improve your body faster than pretty much anything else and give you an amazing sense of achievement.

I put together some beginner runner's tips here;

Good luck!
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May 25, 2011 8:19 AM
The c25k program does not have a specific diet nor is the primary goal of the program to lose weight. I, however, am doing c25k as the main source of my weekly burn and cardio training program and I've lost weight while using the program. I am currently in week 5. The only way I've altered my diet in relation to the program is that as I am starting to get to longer runs and higher demands for fuel and energy I am making sure I have a good source of calories & carbs a couple of hours before I do that day's program and plenty of water beforehand.
May 25, 2011 8:21 AM
I'm doing c25k. I love it! Its the only exercise I get besides taking care of my two kids with slow toddler speed walks to the parks and what not. Doing that and watching my colories has really made weightloss easy!
C25k is a great program in my books. I am much further in my running capabailities that I had ever imagined. I found day one hard, and now am about to go out a run a 20 minute run straight...and know that I can do it! It works! If you push through, you will be able to comfortable all yourself a runner.... The thing to remember is that while actually in the action of running.... it sucks. Its when you complete a run that makes the whole thing worth it! A friend told me I would never ever regret a run. she was right. not once have i thought "damn, i shouldn't have done that"
Go, do it, and trust the program for knowing what you are physically capable of doing.

I have the c25k lite program for my android phone, but basically any one works.

Edited to add--I agree about getting proper shoes. i began in my old shoes I used for work. got new shoes as a gift from my running sister, and the knee pain i was having is completely gone!
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May 25, 2011 8:22 AM
I didn't experience any more of a weight loss doing the C25K than I was already with my other exercise routines, but like someone else said, I noticed a HUGE difference in stamina. My cardio health was greatly improved because of this, and I noticed a difference every time I did it. I did not follow the program to a T. Some weeks I had to repeat once, twice, and in one case, three times because my body was not ready for the next level. I also added a bit of time to weeks 5 and 6 I believe (added another round of walking/running) because by that point I was ready for a little more. Not everyone is the same, and the important thing is to listen to your body. And yes, proper running shoes make all of the difference. Good luck!
May 25, 2011 8:22 AM
I'm still in Week 1 of C25K, but I can tell you that accomplishing the goals makes you feel like a rockstar.

Running shoes, a good sports bra, and a willingness to get out the door and push play are all you really need. The 1st day is only 20 minutes, so it's totally doable for even a beginner.
May 25, 2011 8:29 AM
I am on C25K w2d3 (tomorrow). I follow the program to a T (doing it 3 times a week, maybe 4). We do our running on Sun, Tues, and Thursday, and sometimes I will do an extra one on Saturday. I am doing it with a friend. I have NEVER been a runner either. I haven't ran since doing sports in high school, almost 10 yrs ago.

My endurance has increased already in just 2 weeks. A friend is doing it with me, and she hasn't done any exercising since starting this with me. She is doing fine as well. She was a runner in college (over 25 yrs ago). My legs are getting more defined, and I have lost weight with this program. Now, I am near my goal weight, so my weight is coming off slowly. I have lost about 1.5 lbs in the past 2 weeks.

My only suggestion for you is don't push yourself too hard. If you need to repeat a week, feel free to do so. Don't try to be a sprint runner, just do a gradual jog to start off. I do try to push myself a little, but I keep to a casual job. Make sure to have good running shoes (I got New Balances), and if you are big chested like me, make sure to have a good sports bra (I actually wear 2 of them).

I love this program, and I am sure you will too. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. Oh, I got the podcast for the ipod because he will tell you what to do which is very helpful. Plus, it is free which is always good in my book.
May 25, 2011 8:30 AM
I lost probably 20 pounds while doing the C25K. The one change I made to the program was that I did some the weeks twice if I was struggling. I worked out 5 days a week. Doing C25K three days and walking or doing the 30 day shred the other days. I didn't follow any specific diet plan, just tracked what I ate and tried to stay around my calorie goal. I have really started to enjoy running and pushing myself. I'm up to over six miles now and doing Hal Higdon's 15K training.

It's great! I highly suggest it.
May 25, 2011 8:30 AM
I do not have an exact amount of weight loss for the program...sorry

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the program...completed my 9th week a few weeks back.

I did the treadmill version and I followed the times to a tee...yes...but it did not give me speads to follow.

Right now I can jog for 35 minutes straight...with a 5 min warm up and 5 min cool down. I am burning between 420-450 calories each time I run.

The biggest changes have been in my endurance...the first time I was supposed to jog 8 minutes, I paniced and was concerned I could ot do it...then the next challend was 10 minutes (thought no way)...then 20 (heck no)...but I did not listen to my brain and I DID IT. Our brains are what is telling us we cannot do it.

You will be sore at first...sore to the point that it will hurt to walk...take hot baths...and ibuprofen (or another pain reliever)...keep going...the pain will go away and you will feel that runners high (yes, it really does exist).

I jog 3 times a week AT LEAST...I did 4 days last day was sprints at 6 MPH (trying to work on my speed).

Right now 3.8 is comfortable for the 30-35 minutes...4.5 is comfortable for 5 minutes, then I need is all about expanding your lungs and BREATHING.

Make sure you have a good pair of running shoes!

If your knees hurt...wear knee braces...and it does go away (I have ran the past 4 times without my knee brace and I am good)!

Feel free to personal message me or friend me if you have more questions!

c25k is AWESOME
May 25, 2011 8:34 AM
I'm on week 2 of C25K and I've noticed a difference already for sure. My stomach seems to be enjoying it! It feels tighter (I do supplement with pushups), it is a different feeling than what I normally get from classes or videos. I LOVE it. It is definitely tough, but already at week 2 I finish my pride in being able to run has made it easier.

I would recommend doing some sort of strength training to supplement your running, maybe some push ups, sit ups and squats, or a class/exercise dvd.

Definitely start today, you won't regret it :)
May 25, 2011 8:36 AM
I have always been an athlete - I played college softball... and liked to think of myself as an athletic person... but NEVER did I think of myself as a running. I hated running around the softball field at the beginning of practice to warm up. I always said I hated running, and couldn't understand why people did that to themselves....

Last night I finished W5 Run2 of the Couch to 5K plan.

I do NHS Couch to 5K and love it... "UK Laura" as I like to call her - tells you when to walk / run / etc. She gives you pointers - tells you how much time you have left during the longer runs. She's actually a pretty good motivator!
I have followed the plan for the most part. After completing week 3 - I tried to do the first run of week 4, and I couldn't get all the way through the runs without walking. So I created week 3B. It was somewhere in between the two weeks. After finishing week 3B - I tried week 4 again and SUCCESS!! You just have to push yourself - but also to know your limits. For me - If I push too hard - I'll end up hating it - and I'll want to quit. So, I push as far as I can comfortably. I may be guilty of throwing my fists up in the air like i'm crossing the finish line after completing a run I didn't think I could handle... all the while making my neighbors think I'm a lunatic.

Weight-wise - I've been stuck for a while. Only losing about 5 lbs in the last 3 months...
I am still losing inches - getting more tone. but honestly - the biggest difference I see in myself is how I feel.
I can still breathe after an 8 minute run. I don't feel like I'm going to collapse. 6 weeks ago - I couldn't have said that.

I also play softball two nights a week - and I can run the bases with no problems. I just FEEL amazing.
And isn't that what this WHOLE journey is about? Getting yourself to a place where you FEEL good... and feel good about yourself.
If I never lost another lb from running - I think I would still keep doing it.

Give it a shot! You may try it and hate it - OR - you might try it and decide that running wasn't quite the miserable exercise you had always pegged it to be.

From 1 pear to another - Good Luck!! ; ) Give yourself a pat on the back for EVERY little accomplishment ... It may not seem like a big deal to others to run 3 minutes straight... but to us "non-runners" - it's HUGE!
May 25, 2011 8:38 AM
First off, let me preface by saying that the C25K program comes with a disclaimer that says you won't lose weight following the program.. that you'll need to do more and watch what you eat to accomplish that.. but with that said, it's an excellent place to start!

I started the C25K program the week of Halloween. I also started here at the same time. My weight was 176.5 (I think) at that time and I was in a 14 jeans (and sometimes not comfortably). I was never, ever a runner, I was actually convinced that I never could be a runner, but I gave it a try because my workout partner wanted to do it. I'm usually up for trying anything once, so I said OK.

That was the 2nd best OK I ever gave in my life! (The first was the one I gave my husband when he asked me to marry him.) We followed the program religiously for the first five weeks, with this modification: We set aside an hour a day to workout instead of the 30 that the program takes. We'd do the C25K for whatever day it was, then walk out the rest of the time when we were done. We got to the beginning of the 5th week and then the weather got cold enough that we had to go indoors. Since training on a treadmill is more cumbersome with interval training, we left the program as it appears on the page and began just steadily increasing the time that we ran. If we were running 2 1/2 minutes at a time each interval on the program on week, then the next we'd run 3 minute intervals and decrease our walk time in between.. and so on. By the end of January (remember we still did this during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years), we were up to running 30 minutes straight.
It was at this time my daughter fell very ill and was in the PICU for two weeks. I didn't run at all the whole month of February. When I got home, I had to start back at about 15 minute intervals. But only after a few runs, I was back to 30 minutes. From there we just steadily increased our time running, and the number of days that we do it.

If I'd stopped right there, at the end of the program, I can tell you that I'd lost about 10 pounds and dropped down to a size 10 or so. But I was addicted and couldn't stop there. Running is awesome. I just want to do it all the time! So, we signed up to do a half marathon and began training. Now we work out six days a week, doing various runs and strengthening work, and at this point I am able to run 8 miles in about 80 or 90 minutes for my long run. We do one of those a week. The rest of the week is two basic runs of 4 miles each and two days of hill work or something that will build leg muscle. One day is just rest.

Right now, I am a size 6/8, I've lost 40 pounds and I feel wonderful. I'm smaller, but muscular. No one has told me I look to thin or am doing it too fast. I'm healthy looking because I run frequently. I'm not just "skinny", I've got mass on my bones, and now it's beautiful muscle.

We followed the program religiously, but not to a T. We were faithful about putting it on our schedule and doing it, it was a must for us that we made time for it and stuck it out. We were actually able to pull it off in the 9 weeks it takes, even with that crazy holiday season perpetually in the mix.

The only two things you need to pull this off successfully are: Guts to stick it out to the end and a great pair of running shoes. I have a normal arch and normal stride, although when I walk or run, I really pound with my heels. I bought a pair of Saucony Progrid Truimph 7's and I love them! I mean, if I could get a tux on these suckers, I'd marry 'em! They've carried me hundreds of miles so far, and still got cushion left. Just make sure you do the research on the kind of shoe you need for they type of foot you have and then get out there and pound that ground! It really is that simple.

Feel free to friend me for ongoing advice and support!

May 25, 2011 8:38 AM

The reason I'm posting though (apart from to say good luck and go for it!) is to say that for me, the MOST important thing was to get fitted for some proper running shoes fairly early on - by early I mean I did this on week 2! They cost unfortunately, but I went from enough knee pain to think I'd never be able to run, to being able to follow the programme without a sore knee at all.

VERY good advice - I spent the money on good shoes before I even started the C25K - probably the best move I made! Go to a running store and they can make sure you are in the right shoe!
May 25, 2011 8:43 AM
one more hips still are sore...but after all I am 40

I take ani-inflamatory when they hurt...and just keep pushing

I read somewhere that your bones and joints take longer to get used to jogging than your lungs do

KEEP MOVING...never stop!!!!!!!!
May 25, 2011 8:54 AM
What did you eat? Stuck with my "diet" of healthy eating and recording my food on MFP. I did monitor my protein a little more since I was working out more.

Did you follow the program to a T? I did for the most part. I did Week 1 days 1 &2 back to back...but that wore me out, so I made sure to rest in between days. I also spread out week 9 due to having an ankle sprain from playing soccer.

Which Program did you use? Do you mean podcast?

How much weight did you lose? I have dropped about 50 pounds since I began running last fall, started with C25K

How did your body change? Legs are leaner and more defined, I have collar bones and a jawline for the first time ever, overall...better shape.

How soon did you see results? What did you see? It took a couple of weeks to start noticing my clothes fitting better and the scale moving, and then it was all "down hill" from there.

Any tips or suggestions you can give me? Stick with it, it is worth the effort and it gives you a goal that you can reach but will have to work for. Redo weeks if you have to, but if you stick with it, you will probably surprise yourself.
Also, don't over do your runs, keep a comfortable pace that you can talk at.

How should I prepare? Good shoes.

Thanks in advance. I'm nervous. I've never been a runner in my life and I'm a pear.
Not a pear, my wife calls me a dork quite often though. I wasn't a runner at any time in my life before I began C25K..I am now! Good luck!
May 25, 2011 9:00 AM
Thank you guys sooo much! This is awesome advice! I can't start running outside until my face heals. I'm not allowed in the sun yet. I'm so nervous, yet excited.


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