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TOPIC: banana mistake! AWSOME! strawberry-banana parfait

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May 19, 2011 12:27 PM
So i wouldnt neces. call this a recipe as much as some stuff thrown together but it wasgood so i figured i'd share( for the first time by the way. :-}). Ok so i put a cut up banana in the freezer for ice cream, per MFP, and totally forgot about it. Took it out about 3 in the morning & they were hard as a rock so i put them in the fridge cause it was 3 & i was sleepy. Get up this morning take it out & discover some almost brown very ripe bananas that look very interesting to say the least. I didnt want to waste them so i stir & mush them up pull out my strawberry chobani &mountain medly kashi granola and make a parfait. chobani-banana-granola.Was awsome even for those who dont like greek yogurt. it could be breakfast, lunch or dessert . Very filling so half of each would have been great. only 399 calories which is a little more than what i like 2 eat for brkfst but considering it was already 11 (i have a newborn) it was brkfst & a snack. Enjoy! drinker

-1strawberry lowfat chobani
-1 med banana
-1/3 cup mountain medley granola
May 19, 2011 12:34 PM
i love frozen bananas and its an easy replacement at the icecream stand with this was really good
May 19, 2011 12:36 PM
Sounds great! Some of the best foods/recipes come from "mistakes" in the kitchen. Recently, I have been throwing stuff together in a pan and letting it cook. Everyone in the house has been eating much healthier, getting their veggies for the day and not complaining. It's awesome!


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