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TOPIC: How many cals do squats/lunges/crunches burn?

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May 7, 2011 2:23 AM
I try to do cardio every other day (run/swim/exercise class) but on my days off in between I do about 20 mins of strength exercises at home such as tricep kick backs, bicep curls, squats and lunges both with weights (all about 32 reps) and then about 60/70 crunches.

I know it's not going to burn off the same as cardio but that's not the idea as it's meant to be toning- but it must still burn something? At the moment I don't add these exercises to my exercise log as I really don't know what to put? 100 cals maybe?

thank you!
May 7, 2011 2:30 AM
calle(thingymijigs, i can't remember its proper name) is in the database in the cardio section and has a few options, i do about ten minutes light press-ups, crunches etc and it shows up as 42 cals for 10 mins, it won't be accurate but its a start
May 7, 2011 2:38 AM
my HRM told me i burnt 20 calories, doing crunches and similar for 8 minutes. i'm 5"3' and 67.5kg and a moderate exerciser, definitely not a lot.

Calisthenics will give you an estimate, but be careful as it may be on the high side. It depends on how much your heart rate goes up during those strength exercises. With a HRM you will know for sure.. otherwise, i would only burn 60 calories doing 20 minutes of crunches.. but like squats get my heart rate going up much more, so i burn more..

seeing what you do and not wanting to over estimate i'd guess about 80 or you
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May 7, 2011 2:56 AM
Go to the database for exercise and find strength training ..put in amount of time you work out. It is pretty accurate because I just bought an HRM and it was pretty much on target!
May 7, 2011 3:40 AM
probably like 50 or 60
May 7, 2011 5:20 AM
I use to determine how many calories I burn during a workout. Below is the link for the calorie counter.
May 1, 2012 11:42 AM
Exactly, Iam also unable to account for these exercises in the exercise log, but today I came to know about this calculation for squats..hope it helps.

To calculate the amount of calories you burn while doing squats without additional weights, multiply your weight by .096. Take the answer and multiply it by the amount of minutes you perform the exercise. For instance, if you weigh 160 lbs. and you take 15 minutes to complete your squats, you will burn approximately 230 calories.

Read more:
February 1, 2013 2:02 PM
I'm having the same problem. I try this link, Thanks! :)
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February 1, 2013 2:13 PM
I normally don't record strength training for calorie burning because that isn't what it is for (I do SL 5x5). Secondly, if you burn 50 calories in 30 minutes of strength training, you really would record 0 in your diary.

You probably burn 100 calories an hour sitting down, so 50 in 30 minutes. So these aren't "extra" calories anyway.
March 10, 2013 5:00 PM
check out this website, it got the info you need
April 8, 2014 4:02 PM
I don't really know how many crunches or lunges you burn but I know that one minute of squats is usually around 80-100 calories.

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