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April 8, 2011 11:45 AM
Hi all,

A friend recently suggested I start using this site, to help track my daily calorie intake. I have recently been diagnosed with high cholesterol, and have struggled the last year and a half with taking in the correct amount of calories. (I do not want to lose weight, I just need to maintain my current weight.)

I usually only eat fast-food, high in fats sodium, and cholesterol; and while unhealthy, I was able to meet my daily calorie goal. However, now that I ham on a low cholesterol diet and have stopped eating fast-food, I am having a really hard time meeting my required daily calories. I admitidly do not know how to cook, and know nothing about eating healthy (although I'm learning to eat healthier, and want to learn how to cook). I want to start to excersise, as I know that is something which will help my cholesterol, but, for now I cannot start any excercise until I get my calorie intake up.

I was wondering if anyone knew any cholesterol friendly, high calorie foods I could snack on while I learn to cook? As of right now I am only getting about half the calories I should eat a day, and I eat all day! I have started to lose some weight, which is not good for me, as I am already boderline underweight. It seems as though all the foods I find are all high in cholesterol, sodium or fat. I have just been sticking to fresh fruits, salads, and yogurts.

I hope to learn more from here, and thanks in advance for any/all help, as it is greatly appreciated!



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