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April 7, 2011 7:25 AM
It would be nice if the exercises contained a minute multiplier.
Entering calories burned manually is good, but being able to estimate calories per minute will be better.
If I was able to find calories burned for an activity, it is a generic rate.
An example would be a treadmill, that calculates 100 calories per mile. That is for a 100 - 110 lb person, probably female.
I am a 250 lb male and use up many more calories (the guideline is 1 calorie per pound per mile - close enough).
My point is that different weights and different genders use calories tied to their weight.
My daily calorie usage is tied to my weight, and my exercises should be also, with an adjusting multiplier per minute of activity.

My research indicates that fat is the last item our bodies give up.
First is food used for fuel. Cutting calories sends our bodies to the next resource.
Metabolism is next, as our bodies conserve energy, trying to close the calorie gap.
Third is muscle, a high-maintenance item. The body will try to extract energy from unused muscles.
And last is stored body fat.
Our bodies are sneaky. Lowering metabolism drains us of energy, which makes muscles inactive and easy prey.
My finding (after creating a reasonable calorie gap through eating less fat and carbs and more protein) is to get plenty of sleep, with a 20-minute daytime power nap (if possible) to work with reduced metabolism, and then to work at buidling muscle, both offsetting the muscle energy drain and building more high-calorie maintenance muscle from added dietary protein and strenght exercises.
As a note, since muscle weighs more than fat, plateaus are to be expected, as muscle is added and fat is lost.
We can keep to it. Our weight loss may move like the turtle, but remember, he won the race. smile

Good site overall. I' m reaping a lot of benefit from it.
(I was going to say gaining, but the word seemed inappropriate on this site.)
April 7, 2011 7:32 AM
Im pretty sure that the exercise calorie estimator is baised on weight and sex. I put in 30 minutes of walking and my boyfriend puts in 30 minutes of walking and they are SIGNIFICANTLY diffrent. Our only diffrence is sex and 50 lbs.

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