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February 24, 2011 11:46 AM
Yep, I said Starbucks! I was soooooo excited today when I got my email from "Hungry Girl"! They listed a few low calorie drinks from Starbucks. I thought I would share with all of you because we all know that a treat once in a while is perfectly okay!

Safest Sips!
By "safest" we mean "most guilt-free." As far as we know, SB's drinks aren't actual dangers to society...

New Kid on the Block: Skinny Caramel Macchiato
PER SERVING (Grande, 16 fl.oz.): 140 calories, 1g fat, 150mg sodium, 21g carbs, 0g fiber, 18g sugars, 11g protein -- PointsPlus™ value 4*

This drink is SO good! Yeah, it's pretty much a Skinny Vanilla Latte with some caramel squiggles on top... but when have we ever turned up our noses at caramel squiggles? You can also get this drink iced, which will come in handy in the months to come. (How long 'til summer?!)

Guilt-Free Standby: Skinny Latte
PER SERVING (Grande, 16 fl.oz.): 130 calories, 0g fat, 150 - 170mg sodium, 19g carbs, 0g fiber, 17 - 18g sugars, 12 - 13g protein -- PointsPlus™ value 3*

Just say "skinny" and your latte will automatically be made with nonfat milk. (There's no telling what will happen if you just say "scrawny.") And don't hesitate to request a pump or two of sugar-free flavored syrup for zero extra calories. At a fully stocked location, you can choose from Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel, and Cinnamon Dolce. Hooray!

Under the Radar & Awesome: Caffè Misto
PER SERVING (Grande, 16 fl.oz., with nonfat milk): 70 calories, 0g fat, 90mg sodium, 10g carbs, 0g fiber, 10g sugars, 7g protein -- PointsPlus™ value 2*

Half coffee, half milk, all good! It's a frothy masterpiece...

Decadent & Delicious: Frappuccino Light Blended Beverages
PER SERVING (Grande, 16 fl.oz. excluding seasonal flavors): 110 - 210 calories, 0 - 3.5g fat, 190 - 260mg sodium, 27 - 49g carbs, 0 - 2g fiber, 23 - 44g sugars, 3 - 6g protein -- PointsPlus™ value 3 - 6*

Your year-round flavor options include Caffè Vanilla, Caramel, Cinnamon Dolce, Coffee (unflavored), Java Chip, Mocha, and Toffee Mocha. The least caloric of those are the basic Coffee (PointsPlus™ value 3*) and the 140-calorie Mocha (PointsPlus™ value 4*). Sweet!

Can't-Go-Wrong Classics: Unsweetened Brewed Coffee or Tazo Tea
PER SERVING (Grande, 16 fl.oz.): 0 - 5 calories, 0g fat, 0 - 10mg sodium, 0g carbs, 0g fiber, 0g sugars, 0 - 1g protein -- PointsPlus™ value 0*

If beverages were wardrobe options, consider each of these your little black dress -- always a good choice. Just add your favorite calorie-free sweetener and sip away. Fans of plain sugar, simply tack on about 15 calories per packet. And a splash of fat-free milk adds just 10 calories per 2-tbsp. pour.

POP-UP SHOCKER! Wanna hear something crazy? A Grande (16 fl.oz.) Iced Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha made with 2% milk and topped with whipped cream has 520 calories, 20g fat, and a PointsPlus™ value of 14*. Anyone else think that's a tad excessive? Skip it, people...

Enjoy your next trip to Starbucks!!
February 24, 2011 11:51 AM
since my first choice has way to many calories I ALWAYS go for the Skinny Caramel Macchiato it is amazing
February 24, 2011 11:53 AM
February 24, 2011 11:55 AM
Your amazing!!! THANKS a bunch!!!
February 24, 2011 11:59 AM
im going to have to try the Caffe Misto...
February 24, 2011 12:05 PM
I have been craving some Starbucks, gonna have to try the cafe misto. thanks
February 24, 2011 12:05 PM
Me too, the cafe misto sounds awesome! I can't wait! I do believe I will be having a coffee date with my husband this weekend! I'm glad to have made you all so happy! Enjoy!
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February 24, 2011 12:15 PM
My bro works at starbucks and he told me a secret.... if you order and Americano Misto with a flavor shot it tastes the same as a flavored latte but it's cheaper by almost a dollar! ( I am pretty sure it's the same as your Cafe Misto)
February 24, 2011 12:32 PM
I like that African Vanilla Bean tea... Yummmmyy!!!
February 24, 2011 12:55 PM
a caffe misto is regular brewed coffee w/ steamed milk on top. an americano is made w/ shots of espresso and hot water, so they'll taste similar, but not exactly the same. personally, if i drink one of those 2 drinks, i prefer a misto, the espresso tastes like burnt coffee to me unless it's in a latte... however i almost always do a skinny caramel macchiato (:
February 24, 2011 8:19 PM
Good info thanks
February 24, 2011 8:19 PM
Good info thanks

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