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TOPIC: How much is a cup of water?

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January 16, 2011 4:29 AM
Hello all

I'm a little confused (doesn't take much!) over how much water is meant by a "cup" - does anyone know? For instance, I've just had a pint of water but don't know how many cups that translates to.

Also I don't know if MFP is referring to "cups" as in "drinking cups" or as in the American cooking measure of a "cup" (which I have absolutely no idea how much that is...)

If anyone knows what's meant by this can someone help please? Decimal or imperial measures are both fine for me, I'm from that generation that was taught both when it changed over!

V x
January 16, 2011 4:33 AM
cup is 8ounces. If you drink 8 cups its basically a ghalg gallon of water a day
January 16, 2011 4:34 AM
One cup is 8 ounces. A pint has 16 ounces. I'm not sure if MFP means a cup in terms of the American Measurement, but I believe they do. I usually just count Whatever size drinking glass I use as a cup when I record my liquids, Which are usually at least 12 to 16 ounces. So I usually go way over on my daily recommendations on water.
January 16, 2011 4:35 AM
Well in UK they surguest you drink 8 glasses a day which I always take to be a stardard drinking glass.... So a print could be close to 2.... Hope this helps
January 16, 2011 4:35 AM
A cup is 8oz of water. To be drinking enough they say you should drink 1/2 your weight in ounces of water a day. For instance if you weigh 150lbs you should drink 75oz a day which is alittle more than 2 liters or half gallon. If you are trying to lose weight I recommend closer to a gallon a day to flush your system out.

Hope this helps! :)
January 16, 2011 4:36 AM
I always thought a cup of water was equal to 330ml.
January 16, 2011 4:37 AM
Brilliant, cheers fellas!
January 16, 2011 4:38 AM
A pint is just over two cups. They do mean the American measure of a cup, but, luckily for us, 250ml = 1 cup. I drink my water out of a pint glass, so I'm getting two cups at a time. Hope this helps.
January 16, 2011 4:51 AM
I drink 4 x 500ml bottles of water a day, plus an extra pint by my bed at night.
January 16, 2011 5:05 AM
Here in the UK they say 2 litres a day so a have always used 250ml as a cup!

Mandy xx
January 16, 2011 5:27 AM
The cup they r talking about is 8 ounces. Usually your typical drinking glasses r two to three cups. I have a brit a refillable water bottle that measures ounces and cups for me on the side of the bottle. I usually fill that or if I drink out of a glass I count it as two cups bc I know it is.
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January 16, 2011 6:30 AM
Can I also ask does it have to be plain water? Can you count cups of tea as your fluid intake?
January 16, 2011 6:57 AM
I personally only count water. I always make sure I dont drink anything else till I hit my plain water goal. It helps me.
January 16, 2011 8:03 AM
I've heard you can count herbal tea and fruit tea, and even normal tea, but not coffee. I don't know about stuff like cola and all that, I suppose it's mainly water (and all manner of other nasties so probably best to avoid it anyway).

Right, I'm off for another pint of water!
V x


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