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November 11, 2010 6:13 PM
Ok, I would like to know of a way to still get my calories but I want to try and get a low or no carb and sugar meal plan. I eat fresh raw fruit, which I don't know how that works with this, so......
I want to try and lose some extra inches, weight, belly fat. I know I can't spot remove fat but I think I could cut way down on both carbs and sugar and if it works that I lose some extra weight then great. Please feel free to look at my diet , and I keep adding more fiber everyday,and I am working at getting all my calories so keep that in mind, I am doing enough cardio maybe I am not doing enough crunches? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks ahead of time.
November 11, 2010 6:25 PM
Idealistically, if you were to try an follow a low carb diet, you would need to cut down on the amount of fruits that you eat, possibly replacing them with vegetables. Or eating low carb fruits such as berries and melons.

Also you should strive for a lower reduce amount of Net Carbs. I saw you were at around 180 today, you would take your Carbs minus your fiber to get your Net Carbs. ... Most people on a low carb diet strive for under 100 Net Carbs a day.

You could also follow a Low Glycemic Diet... which would be similar to a low carb diet, only it's based off how your body reacts to foods and pairing them with the right foods to counteract your blood sugar.
November 11, 2010 6:26 PM
I was looking at your diary you are not even hitting 1200 calories! I would try and eat around 14-1600 cals a day if you are working out that much! Be careful if you start eating to low your body will go into starvation mode making you gain! It will take time to lose inches etc.. just go day by day, 1-2 pounds a week loss is the healthy way! and remember to drink your water!

But low carb foods are
# Celery with peanut butter
# Celery with tuna salad
# Hard boiled eggs
# Deviled eggs
# Dill pickles and cheddar cheese (no kidding, it’s a great combo)
# 1/4 cup berries with 1/3 cup cottage cheese
# Nuts (keep raw ones in the freezer if you think you’ll overeat them)
# Sunflower seeds (get them in the shell so it will take longer to eat them)
# Low-Carb Trail Mix
# Jerky (beef or turkey -- try to find low-sugar varieties)
# Low-carb shakes
# Cheese sticks, such as string cheese
# Sugar-free Jello, alone or with cottage cheese and a sprinkling of nuts
# Make sugar-free lime Jello with part coconut milk -- For a large package, dissolve the powder in a cup of boiling water, add a can of coconut milk, and then add the rest of the water. Stir well.
# Pepperoni "chips" -- Zap the slices in the microwave
# Cheese with a few apple slices
# 4-ounce plain or sugar-free yogurt with berries and flax seed meal
# Smoked salmon and cream cheese on cucumber slices
# Lettuce Roll-ups –- Roll luncheon meat, egg salad, tuna or other filling and veggies in lettuce leaves
# Lunch Meat Roll-ups –- Roll cheese or veggies in lunch meat (read the labels for carbs on the lunch meat)
# Spread bean dip, spinach dip, or other low-carb dip or spread on the lunch meat or lettuce and then roll it up
# Raw veggies and spinach dip, or other low-carb dip
# Pork rinds, with or without dip
# Ricotta cheese with fruit and/or nuts and/or flax seed meal
# Mushrooms with cheese spread inside (or other spreads or dips)
# Low-carb snack bars (watch out for sugar alcohols, especially maltitol)
# Product Review: Atkins Advantage Bars
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November 11, 2010 6:28 PM
Keep in mind that a low carb diet, is going to be high in fact ... and you should increase your calorie range to 1500-1800 when eating low carb.
November 11, 2010 6:32 PM
I had a quick look through your diary and for the most part it doesn't look bad. You are not eating enough calories though. You should be consuming a minimum of 1200 calories per day and more on the days where you exercise. You could tweak your food a bit by cutting out all juices and pop, stay away from processed foods (Coco Pebbles) and load up on lean protein and veggies. Try limitting the amount of breads you consume in a day as well.
I have been following the Eat Clean Diet by Tosca Reno and it works. I know it is completely impossible to deprive your body of all processed foods and that is why I allow myself one "freestyle" meal a week.
With healthy eating, there is no exact science so you may have to experiment week by week to find something that works for you.
Keep up the great work! happy
November 11, 2010 6:49 PM
Eliminate grains, get all or most of your carbs from fruits and vegetables. Avoid as much processed foods as possible. Make sure you at least hit your minimum protein required for your lean body mass. Fat is very important on a low carb diet because its where your energy is going to come from. Not all fat is created equal tho., I eat plenty of bacon. :) Check out my diary, I eat as low carb as possible, there are times where I have also gone zero carbs for 4 weeks at a time. Its possible but fat and protein are very important on a low carb diet. Another very informative place is Any questions don't hesitate to ask.
November 11, 2010 7:51 PM
I try not to eat bread or cereal,nothing from a box and no sugar in my drinks. I use agave nectar or splenda as a sweetener.
November 11, 2010 8:14 PM
it is very hard to spot reduce...reduce your belly fat specifically. The Flat Belly Diet book gives some ideas about how to work on that issue. You will be eating carbs but they are natural, like fruits, veggies and whole grains. There is some sugar in the fruit. The book also has you eat things they call MUFAs.....monounsaturated fats. These are things like olives, avacado, safflower and olive oil, Nuts and seeds (macadamia, almondsand flaxseed) and dark chocolate. The meals/snacks in the book average just at 400 calories. You would eat 4 times per day...small meals. This reduces bloat, as do the foods they recommend. They also give a list of foods to avoid. The recipes are good. Check out the website.

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