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September 13, 2013 6:42 PM
Hey guys!!!

Wanted some insight on OTF v. Crossfit. I did Crossfit for 6 months and had some change (mostly my fault since i ate super bad) but I wanted to try something with alot more cardio like OTF. Has anyone tried OTF and lost weight? I want to do a 6 month challenge of eating healthy and going to OTF atleast 5 days a week.

September 13, 2013 7:29 PM
they aren't competitions and they aren't really that similar. you're never going to lift anything near as heavy at Orange Theory. it is a fun workout tho.

buuuuuuuuut, if you're going to lose weight it really doesn't matter which one you do as long as you get your diet in check. keep eating super bad and you're not going to get results
September 14, 2013 9:57 AM
THANKS! yeah definitely getting the eating right in check! But i think i like OTF better as there is alot more cardio here than there was in Crossfit.


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