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TOPIC: Supination / Underpronator shoe suggestions?

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September 3, 2013 1:27 AM
For fellow underpronators, what is/are your favorite pair of running shoes? It seems shoes for overpronators are more common than for underpronators/supination and unfortunately I classify under the latter. So I'm hoping for suggestions and input

I love my Adidas Climacool, although it's not exactly for my foot type. Its better than the Adidas Supernova which the sales guy told me was more suited for my foot type. I'm about to buy a new pair and I want to get either a Brooks or Asics. They seem to be most popular among runners.

Brooks Ghost and Asics Gel Cumulus seem to be top rated for my foot type. Would love to get input.
September 3, 2013 3:33 AM
I started running in the Brooks Ghost 5 and really liked the fit of those shoes. I also tried out the ASICS Cumulus but the fit seemed very sloppy. Pretty much every ASCIS shoe I have tried since then were also sloppy except for their trail shoes (I own a pair of Fuji Racers). But try each on yourself and see how you like it. My feet are a bit narrow and so far shoes from Brooks and Mizuno have fit me well while many others have not.
September 3, 2013 7:41 PM
Great thread I have the same problem and it is hard to find shoes for this. I have brooks adrenaline 12 right now and my feet are getting worse had and MRI last week find out on Thursday what is going on. I really think it is my shoes I think soul to sole did not give me the right shoe for my problems I think they were for the opposite problem.
September 4, 2013 12:47 AM
Awesome thread! I am currently wearing the latest Mizuno Wave Creation's (14)... I used to run in Asics Cumulus, which along with my crappy action may have contributed to the current damage I have to my Peroneal tendons in one foot.... My physio gave me instructions to hunt down a stiff neutral shoe with some forefoot cushion that wouldn't break down around the outside of the shoe (on my left foot in my old shoes, I was nearly running on the outside seam of the shoe).

I tried on every neutral shoe I could put my hands on in Brisbane and initially thought I may go with a Brooks Ghost, when I spotted the Wave Creation. I put it on my other foot with the Ghost (I was getting sick of lacing and unlacing) and went for a jog.... within a few strides I was out of the Brooks and had both Mizuno's on. The shoes felt like Rolls Royce's for my feet and I had to have them regardless of the price (most money I have yet to spend on my running shoes). When I run in these shoes it literally feels like I break over faster and more correctly from my big toe rather than my little toe or outside of the foot.

From what I have read in some of the online shoe reviews I think this particular shoe may be perfect for my particular biomechanical running problems. Check out runningshoesguru for a review:

An older triathlete I know from the gym suggested shopping for my runners on the same day I had completed a long run. I recommend this; my feet def. let me know if a shoe is comfortable or not after they have taken a beating on the same day ;) I'm sure this is also the reason why I haven't had to wear the Mizuno's in; I didn't experience any blisters or rubbing and more importantly I haven't had any further damage to my tendons and I'm back running 50k+ weeks.

Interested to see what everyone else has found comfortable to run in (any excuse to try a new pair of runners)!!.
September 4, 2013 8:50 AM
I like the Asics Gel Nimbus and my Hoka One Ones. I have high arches and femoral anteversion which causes severe supination- to the point where I initially thought I could never be a runner b/c I used to always roll my ankle! The Hokas in particular are great for trail running- great cushioning shoes with a wide and stable base.
September 4, 2013 12:40 PM
I've recently acquired the Brooks Ghost 6. They're very nice, the only con I've found so far is a pinch on the toes (I hate blisters...). Just watch that your socks don't have seams on top and they are amazingly light for all the cushion in them.
September 4, 2013 7:50 PM
Thank you all for the replies. I will consider the Mizuno's now. And will definitely get fitted after a run. I'm not sure we even have a return policy where I am and these shoes are quite an investment. I need to make sure I get the right one.
I'm so excited to get a serious pair of running shoes! :)

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