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TOPIC: Personal Trainer food meal plan, has anyone tried?

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August 29, 2013 3:54 AM
Thinking of trying the personal trainer food 28 day meal plan. Has anyone tried, and had good results?

Also, concerned the calories seem kinda low.
August 29, 2013 6:10 AM
August 29, 2013 6:29 AM
Lose 10-20 lbs in 2 weeks?? Really...I think you know better. I just looked at the website and there is nothing on there that you can't make yourself. It's full of eggs, meats, veggies, nuts and cheese. You can get everything at the grocery store. I don't see the appeal of frozen meal plans when these things take minutes to make fresh.

What happens if you have to go out to dinner or lunch? Or if you don't have access to a microwave? Go on vacation? Educate yourself to make better decisions, it's much easier and you gain more in the end.

Edited to add - $400 for a month's supply?!? A week - Eggs - $3, Meat - $20, Veggies - $20, Nuts - $7, Cheese - $5. You can buy all of that fresh at the store for under $230 a month. Save your money.
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August 29, 2013 6:45 AM
I haven't tried it, but it looks like a very expensive exercise in portion control.
August 30, 2013 4:44 PM
I got a local Living Social Deal so basically got it for half price. It was delivered yesterday. It is delicious. I have a very busy month coming up and this will be a great help with portion control and not grabbing the first thing when I come in the house. I have an event the middle of October and would like to be down another 10 lbs. This should help.
August 31, 2013 12:15 AM
I'm starting my first day tomorrow. I travel constantly for work - spending the next two weeks on the road. Portion control while traveling is a huge struggle for me. To be honest, portion control at home is a huge struggle! It may be an expensive exercise in control - but to me the help is worth more than the money.

I've tried weight watchers, which tries to teach portion control, but quickly fell off the wagon. The only time in my life that I successfully lost and kept off weight were the two years I lived on campus during college. It is so much easier for me to make good choices when 1. I'm not the cook and 2. Someone else is portioning my food. I avoided the all you can eat dining halls, did 3 correctly sized meals a day and worked out 4-6 times a week and kept myself at my ideal weight of 150 ( I am 5' 10'').

I'm really hoping that PTF can help me on my weight loss journey over the next 6 months leading to my wedding.

I think a huge concept behind PTF is eating clean and somewhat Paleo. There is very limited dairy, no breads, sugars, etc. I'm reading up on PALEO diets and think that if 2 28-day cycles of PTF goes well, a Paleo diet may work for me. I don't tend to overeat meat and its hard to overeat veggies and fruit. Bread and cheese are the end of me.

I'll be good about updating to this thread over the next 4 weeks.
September 4, 2013 10:42 AM
Trying it right now. It is expensive (I had a coupon). It is about convenience and portion control although the company does give you some videos and ideas. It is basically meat and vegetables. It is delicious! Really good. It did teach me that I can control what I eat when I go out-I only order meat and vegetables. Personal Trainer Foods diet allows for mayo, eggs, and ranch dressing. This is a huge help. I am not much on buying food that I could make myself, but this is working for me. Like a previous post, I thought the cost was too much for nuts and breakfast, so I just ordered lunch and dinner.
The food is so good that I would eat it even if I was not watching my diet and it seems to work well with MyfitnessPal. I would skip the breakfast and dinner unless you just have little control.
September 9, 2013 8:20 PM
Just to check back in:

I was a bit late on my first weigh-in (I was on the road and didn't have access to a scale), so technically I am on day 10, not day 7. I lost 5 pounds in the first week - probably a lot is water, but some is definitely fat. I noticed putting on my jeans this morning fresh out of the dryer. Usually I've gotta do the squat, tug, squat, tug to get them on at first, but today they just came on and buttoned up.

I really enjoy the food, it was easy to stick to on the road, I'm not hungry all day, and cutting the processed food is having great effects on my bowel movements (TMI?) and sleeping patterns. When I go to bed, I am out! Wake up feeling great.

I'll check back in around this time next week!
September 14, 2013 4:29 PM
Just ordered it - partly because I think it will work, and I need some help, and partly because I am doing some research on weight loss programs.

Glad to hear that others have tried and succeeded
September 22, 2013 7:55 AM
Hello, I also started this program 2 weeks ago and I have lost 7 pounds. I am an "expert" dieter so I know that a lot of it is water and that the weight loss will taper off. I know I can cook these simple meals at home, but with work, school and 2 teenage boys with demanding social and sports lives, it's just easier for me to take a month or two to focus on eating properly without having to shop and prep. During the winter, things calm down a bit in my house and so I'll get into the groove of cooking and storing meals.

I have gone out to dinner twice, and ordered a piece of grilled chicken or fish and a side of vegetables. Like any other diet/weight loss plan, it has to be right for you. I know people who have had great success on other plans that I could NEVER do myself, but it worked for them. For me, this works but it's not for everyone.
September 22, 2013 10:29 AM
Calories look awful low and sodium high. You could get better filling foods and control sodium and still make calories decent (some of those meals are only 200 calories! You would have to eat 2-3 to fill up) and still lose weight for less of a cost, IMHO
October 7, 2013 8:37 AM
I just finished my first week and lost 5.5 pounds. Just coming back on to mfp so I can track everything and understand what macros will work for me if I continue eating this way (if I continue to succeed on the plan). The food is good and honestly you get to pick what you you can pick lower sodium options. I opted out of some of the yummy sounding choices after seeing the sodium. I did the lunch and dinner option and have shakeology for bfast everyday...I prepare my own snacks and feel that I need to get portion control under control one step at a time. So this month is snacks...I will probably do another month of personal trainer foods but hopefully be closer to my goal so able to add a few things back in. I feel confident this new way of eating is working for my body and might go more paleo when I am done. I think it is a fine investment and much less than other delivery plans plus you have contact with a food coach via email or phone.
October 8, 2013 9:44 AM
Well, its been just over 5 weeks since my first day of PTF. I had wanted to do weekly updates, but time just got away from me.

I finished the first round of food in about 5 weeks. I lost 9 pounds during that time frame - which included two weddings (with cake and champagne), three weeks on the road (bad sleep schedules and some unhealthy last minute food choices), and very little exercise. The food lasted a bit longer due to wedding weekends and travel.

Most of the "weight" came off in the first week, but it was a slow and steady 1-1.5 pounds each week after. I had three days where I really cheated - two weddings where I ate cake and drank wine, and one rehearsal dinner full of wine. Other than that, I have followed very strictly. I tend to eat my meals on beds of spinach/kale/arugula because it tricks my mind into thinking the meal is bigger than it is.

I didn't purchase breakfast or snacks. For breakfast I do egg whites + veggies and a slice of fat free american cheese. For my snacks I do pistachios or almonds.

I started my second round this past Monday and today weighed in and have officially lost 10.2 pounds! The bigger results have been the inches - in my opinion. I notice my pants fitting MUCH better. Most of my jeans are now saggy. My waist went from 30.5 to 28.5. I haven't measured anywhere else as diligently, but I can notice the difference.

What I am really enjoying is that the weight loss is consistent and easy. I am eating delicious food, have lots of energy, and enjoying the results.

My wedding dress comes in in about a month. I hope to lose another 8 pounds by then (which would break the 160 pound barrier!).

PTF isn't a miracle diet. You won't lose 10 pounds in a week, and you probably won't lose 20 pounds in a month, but you will lose weight and you will change your relationship with food.
October 11, 2013 11:11 AM
I'm finishing my first week on PTF. I know that I could make the same food and pack it up to take with me to work - the problem is, I don't! I can start out with a bang on Sunday night prepping food and packaging it, but I run out of time and motivation to continue. PTF is working for me. I really LIKE the food. It tastes fresh and unprocessed. My problem was my carb consumption and this plan is getting me off the carbs and learning to enjoy the right size portions.

Yes, it is a little more expensive than some of the other programs (Nutri System, Jenny Craig) but imo the quality is better. In my case, I'm saving an average of $15 a week that I used to spend on lunches, and buying all the different proteins and veggies would add up as well.

I haven't weighed myself yet, but I already feel a difference in the way my jeans fit. I don't have the bloat and I have more energy.

I'll update in another week after weigh in. In the meantime, I would recommend the program to busy people and those that like to have their meals cooked and portioned out and TASTY.
October 19, 2013 1:05 PM
Thanks for the reviews - I have a groupon deal too and was considering it. Yes I know you can make it all cheaper but I hate to cook. Hate it. I hate the time it takes and all the mess, etc. There are a million things I would rather be doing than cooking. I give credit to those who get enjoyment out of it day after day. I just don't do it so this would actually be a good choice for me to eat healthier.

Can someone comment on how the food is compared to frozen Lean Cuisine, for example? I find those so garlic heavy and processed tasting. Also, do you microwave them or bake them to warm them up? How much freezer space does it take up? Do you have to sign up for repeat delivery or can you order as needed?

Thanks or any info!
October 21, 2013 7:01 PM
It taste fresher and is more flavorful overall than a Lean Cuisine and you feel fuller. The first 3 days all I could think of was the next meal but then it just gets easy. I'm in the second week and all the meals have been in microwave. They do say you can take them out if the bags and heat in the oven but that is extra work that really isn't needed. They don't auto ship and is a big marketing point of theirs. The CEO videos indicate that he believes you will see the results and just re-order. Freezer space wise be prepared for it to darn near take your whole freezer. I share the freezer with my girlfriend and what saved me was I have a freezer at work that is never used so just took 20+ days of lunches there.

Started at 275 currently at 263 and outside of walking a little haven't worked out much(what they want you to do on the plan). Program works but in my case I did modify slightly to keep my calories in the safe zone as I'm type 2 diabetic and need to avoid the low sugar symptoms. Since I started I've seen a 40 point sugar drop so working not only on the weight but also on the sugar and energy end.
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October 22, 2013 12:15 PM
I've been on it for about a week and a half now. I'm just going to bullet point some of my thoughts:

- Tastes better than lean cusine
- Some items are high in sodium (chicken sticks in particular)
- the omelet and sausage breakfasts tasted good at first, but now they taste spongy. Going to try adding salsa. also greasy sausage (I use a napkin and wipe away some og the grease). I would recommend doing a plan that doesn't include breakfast since it's relatively easy to do yourself.
- the freezer was very full
- it's very convenient. Throw a bag in the microwave for 90 seconds and done.
- With the Groupon, I think it's a great deal.
October 30, 2013 6:11 PM
Hello all.

I am in week 2 of PTF and so far so good. I too had a Groupon so it saved me some dough. Also, I am only doing the lunches and dinners...I make my own breakfast of turkey sausage or similar meat and hard boiled egg. I am not a breakfast person so that is quick and easy for me. I think the food is very good!! And convenience is KING as far as I am concerned.

I leave a batch at work so I always have lunch handy and I make sure to add in my own purchased snacks similar to what they offer such as almonds and sting cheese sticks. It also makes dinner quick and easy when I get home.

I also like how they train your thinking. The CEO says..."eat for fuel not for fun" and that has become my mantra when I crave something bad just because! (Like chips or baked goods). I have tried Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem which are both equally expensive and the highly processed foods wreaked havoc on my intestines. PT food is natural, somewhat paleo and not processed.

As for the weight loss....well they say do not look at the scale for the first 28 days so I am hiding it lol. But I have noticed clothing fitting better. The sugar withdrawal is for me the hardest part. Otherwise it is just about eating healthy to fuel the body and nothing else.

Will update in a few weeks.
October 30, 2013 6:33 PM
I have never heard of PTF, but I did try to do 6 week body makeover and all I can say is I was going to kill anyone who spoke to me. They make you eat under 1,000 calories or close to that in a day. They mainly only allowed fish, lean turkey or chicken and SALAD SALAD SALAD!!

If you can't do it for the rest of your life just know its not healthy and it is just a money gimmick to make you think starving yourself is healthy and smart. It is not!
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November 5, 2013 12:29 PM
I started PTF plan 2 weeks ago. I lost 3 pounds and I decided to don't get on scale until I finish my 28 days. I like the food and it taste much better than lean cuisine. To tell the truth-sometimes I cheat and stil managed to lost 3 pounds in the first 2 weeks. I know I can cook it by myself, but I just don't have time to plan and cook for couple weeks ahead. It is very convinient for lunch instead of spending money on crappy food in cafe at work. I also got groupon deal and purchased lunch and dinner option. After calculations-each meal come up to $3.55 wich is not very expensive. Sometimes you pay more for junky fast food
December 4, 2013 8:42 PM
I do not follow the PTF meal plan exactly as they outlined it, but I absolutely love it for pre-packaged lunch and sometimes dinner. I have a full time job and do not always have the time to prepare lunch ahead of time, so I just grab one protein and one pack of veggies and I'm set. If I have the time, I add something extra like a cup of steamed kale or a cup of low-cal high fiber soup like Trader Joe's Latin Black Bean soup. For dinner I just have the protein and veggie bag. I do not like their breakfast options, so I just have Greek yogurt, raspberries and almonds. I add an extra snack in the afternoon (high in protein, low in fat).

I do not believe in starving myself so I eat consistently 1200 calories. I've lost 20 pounds in 80 days without starving, and I can tell you that it wouldn't have happened if I hadn't had PTF to solve my 'lunches at work' issue.
December 4, 2013 8:46 PM
Shadowfax44: It does take a lot of freezer space because they send you something like 28 meats and 28 veggies at least... that's a lot of food. I use the microwave to heat it (3.5 minutes for meat and veggie together). You don't have to subscribe, you can order just once. You might get 'referral' benefits after your first order; if your friend buys with your referral link, you both get cash-back for a subsequent order. Some of the proteins are too salty - the marinara chicken and the steak strips in particular; everything else (in my opinion) is fine.
January 6, 2014 11:30 AM
Well, I just started PTF today and so far I am impressed. I am a guy, so I think the portions are a bit small, but once i put it on a plate, i realize that they are not as small as they seem in a bag (except for the onion meatballs!). The food seems tasty. I don't know if I will be able to stay off the scale for the full 28 days, but it doesn' t matter. As long as I can fit back into my clothes that I love and haven't been able to get into in quite a while, I will be happy. The price is really not that bad if you were like me and spending the same amount of money a month on eating out, plus groceries. This is all in 1 except for the breakfasts. I prefer to cook eggs and buy sausage patty's myself for cheaper.

Also, don't forget to drink lots of water and walk 10-30 minutes a day EVERYDAY!
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January 9, 2014 6:02 PM
I am obese, so I have a ton of weight to lose. My results may be a bit higher based on my BMI. I started eating PTF on January 6. So far, so good. I have already lost 6.5 lbs (I know, I should not weigh myself yet). I have not cheated once and find the food really good. This is not my first rodeo. I lost weight about 10 years ago (100lbs) doing body for life. I know how to eat well but I am lazy. I let work and my family get the best of me.

PTF is really really easy and quick. I have food ready in 3.5 minutes. I am only using PTF for lunch and dinner; I am making sensible breakfast and snacks. So far, it is working. I used to spend a ton of money on eating out, so the plan is much less expensive (with groupon). I have enjoyed everything except the chicken sticks. The sausages are really good. So fingers crossed, I can stick with it. I am doing everything right (writing down my food, staying positive, walking, drinking water). Just need to make it a way of life and this feels like a first great step. Good luck to all!
January 10, 2014 12:25 PM
So far I am in love with this food. It tastes so good. I promised my trainer I would give him 30 days of healthy eating and I was dreading it so much. I thought the food was going to be horrible and I’m not a fan of vegetables. So far I am very pleased. I already have 3 of my co-workers trying it out. Today the office had pizza and for the 1st time ever, I didn’t want any, I wanted my Marinara Chicken and vegetables. Never in a million years had I thought I wouldn’t want pizza.

Now b/c of my workout which includes heavy lifting, HIIT, and Martial Arts, sometimes on the same day, I will have potatoes or something else that puts more carbs in my system to keep me going. But definitely this is a good starting point for someone that hates the kitchen and can set fire boiling water.


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