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TOPIC: T25 and Muscle loss?

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August 14, 2013 5:21 AM
Hi guys!

I am currently doing Jillian Michaels Body Revolution and I had amazing results. I am gaining muscles and looking more and more toned as the days go on. But I have recently bought T25 and plan to start that when I am done with JMBR and my vacations. However I feel like I have worked really hard to build muscle with the JMBR program and I'm worried that if I just do T25 as its a mostly cardio program that I will lose the gains I have got from JMBR.

What are people doing with T25? Are you sticking just to T25? or supplementing it with your strength training program? I'm quite new to this strength training game and using 10lb dumbells with Jillian is a challenge but I feel like I have worked to hard to lose this. I realise that T25 is quite new but any help would be useful!

Thanks for your help guys!
August 14, 2013 2:35 PM
August 14, 2013 2:40 PM
I use T25 for my cardio and continue with my strength training separately.
August 14, 2013 6:17 PM
Focus T25 is a mix of cardio, core and strength training rounds. I wouldn't worry about losing ANY muscle mass - in fact you will probably gain some- tone up more. You can see my Before/After shot of just my first 5 wks of T25. I'm currently in the 2nd half of it and it's faster paced and more intense.
There are many squats, lunges, and jumps... agility moves all of this builds your quads, calves and there are some great combo core/cardio workouts too. Just this morning I noticed I was sore in my gluts and my oblique ab muscles! LOL!
In the Beta phase (2nd and last 5 wks) you use some weights or resistance bands in some of the workouts. The other workouts in Alpha - you're using your body weight as the resistance and it's not easy.

I do more cardio to combine with this workout actually b/c I'm training for half marathon... but I've always had running as part of my regime w/o any results. When I added T25 to my regime -- I finally saw great results!!
August 14, 2013 6:24 PM
I lift 3 days per week and use T25 on some of my off days.
August 14, 2013 9:53 PM
I have been mixing T25 and P90X. T25 and running for cardio. P90X for strength training. It is working wonders. My suggestion is mix it up!
August 14, 2013 10:42 PM
I just got done doing a few of the Gamma workouts (Phase 3), and if you're using the right weight, you're going to feel the burn.
I've got some pretty bulky shoulders, and after doing a few of the T25 workouts, I don't have any fear of losing muscle.

I consider it a total body conditioning and circuit training type program.......your heartbeats going to rise, but your are also going to get an awesome muscle burn.
August 19, 2013 9:17 PM
I'm in the beta phase now and I'm noticing loss in muscle. I was doing Les mills Pump before t25. Looking into a hybrid of the two programs now. I'm not happy though with my results with t25. :(

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