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TOPIC: Fitbit replaced my fitbit: Old one it still works.

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August 8, 2013 4:23 AM
So reccently i wore my fitbit whilst sunbathing attatched to my bikini (I wear it everywhere :P). Anyways i noticed at the end of the day the screen cover had cracked, i could only assume it was caused by the heat or sunlight because i hadnt dropped it or sat on it. It still works fine but i was kind of miffed that my not even 3month old fitbit was damaged through nothing id done - so i emailed them and told them what happened and i really wanted to know if they shouldnt beworn in the heat/sunlight and they sent me a brand new one (i did tell them my old one was still useable). My old one works but cosmetic wise its not so pretty, so would be a waste to throw out but im not sure if i could give it away to my mum and it work for her once i set up my new one? What do you guys think?
August 8, 2013 6:46 AM
you can certainly set it up for her and give it to her. I had an issue with my Flex where it wasn't holding a charge as long as it should. They sent me a new one and I gave the old one to my husband since it technically still works it just needs to be charged more often.
August 8, 2013 7:05 AM
I just kept using my cracked Ultra after I got my replacement. It was held together with tape for about 6 months before it finally died and I had to switch over to the One that Fitbit sent me when I had contacted them about my cracked Ultra.
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August 8, 2013 7:30 AM
Does anyone have an old ultra that they would be willing to send me for parts? Mine popped open and I lost the button piece from inside. I'll paypal you shipping costs if interested.
August 8, 2013 8:04 AM
My Ultra was three years old, and I could see it getting some cracks. I was afraid it wouldn't work one day, so I thought I'd be proactive and get the One (LOVE that it can sync to my iphone, worth the upgrade just for that feature). My Ultra did still work. I was thinking along the same lines, might as well let someone else give Fitbit a try. I took it to my mom's house and got her set up (it was super easy to transfer everything to set up my own, and get her set up).

... of course she forgot and wore it into the pool the next day ... and then it WAS dead *Ü* I told her not to worry about it, I really didn't know how much more life it had in it anyway. But even just wearing it for less than 24-hours convinced her she wanted one. now both she and my dad have One's ...

ComputerCarl ...have you tried contacting Fitbit customer service? I keep hearing amazing stories about how they replace, even old Ultras!
August 8, 2013 8:07 AM
I just worried they would be miffed my old one was being used when they sent me a new one. Or even if another person could use my old one.

Hmmm now to figure out how to wipe old one and sync new one to my account.....
August 8, 2013 8:34 AM
Scrapjen -- It was almost 2 yrs old, and they gave me 1/2 off a FB One, and told me that they cant get me parts for my ultra as they no longer manufacture them. I'm just watching around here for someone that may have a dead one that I can use to get the button out of, and give it to my wife, although I may just go buy her a new FB One anyhow. ;)
August 8, 2013 8:51 AM
I'll have to ask my mom if she still has the old Ultra (she probably threw it away) ... I do think the One is an improvement (with the syncing to the app, the floors, and just how snug the case hooks)...

Cazzyxo - Just start the process with the new Fitbit, it will ask you if is is for a new account, or replacing ... tell it you are replacing and it will have you enter your account and connect it to it. It's really easy. The old one will be disconnected as soon as you do that. I really don't think Fitbit could tell (or would care) about the old one still being used. Give it to your mom and let her give it a try and hope it lasts a little longer than my mom experiment *Ü*

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