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July 26, 2013 1:56 AM
Hi there,

I don't know if this is possible, or if it would be a good feature if it isn't.

When quick-adding calories, it would be really helpful if you could give it a name - for example if you've been out for a meal and the restaurant lists the number of calories in something, or you've had a fruit salad with seeds and you know what it is, rather than adding each fruit separately and adding the seeds too.

It would also be really useful if you could quick-add protein and other things at the same time - possibly a quick-add row with Name, Calories, Protein, Fat - almost like a quick add row.

If I'm just being an idiot and this is possible already then please point me in the right direction!

Lastly, it would be really handy if you could add food notes for each meal, rather than just for the day.

Soph x
July 27, 2013 7:15 AM
At the very least, let us name what calories we're adding.

I generally use "Quick Add" to add calories to a food I pulled from the database that is similar, but I believe might not be as large or calorically dense as the one I actually had. (If I have actual nutritional information, I add the food though.)
August 22, 2013 3:20 PM
Yes, I totally agree. Sometimes I can calculate the calories for a recipe in my head and rather than entering each ingredient or adding the recipe into the database (because it may not be a recipe), it would be nice to just add the calories and name them...i.e. blueberry pancakes. It would also help you remember what you've eaten so that you don't have to guess at what those quick add calories are.


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