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TOPIC: MFP Release Updates: July 23rd, 2013

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July 23, 2013 6:51 PM
MyFitnessPal Release Updates and Bug Fixes for July 23, 2013

Recent Bug Fixes and improvements
-[French Only Bug] Fixed issue with incorrect data being added if a user made a mistake when adding food.
-Fixed issue with changing your weight for an exercise in the exercise DB not updating the calorie burn
-Fixed issue with cardio exercises logged from the frequent exercise list generating a newsfeed update regardless of the date
-Localized error message a user receives when they reach the maximum number of photos
-Improved experience to return a user back to the Frequent list after they have deleted or restored an item from their Frequent list
-Made links to FAQs at clickable from forums
-Added Les Mills™ exercises to our exercise database

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