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July 23, 2013 5:09 AM
Hey guys! Thinking of purchasing one of these programs and looking for some feedback. Anybody done T25 yet and love it? Or should I go with Insanity? TIA!!
July 23, 2013 5:17 AM
I'm on week 2 of T25 and love it. Depends what you want really, Insanity is longer (45+ minutes 6 x a week) whereas T25 is only 25 minutes 5 days a week, but T25 is non-stop and can be hard to keep up with. I completed Insanity and am having to modify in T25, but it gives you a lot of room to progress as you do each phase for 4-5 weeks.

Either one is a winner really in my books, I love all of Shaun T's workouts and always get great results! :)
July 23, 2013 5:19 AM
Do you think that T25 is hard on the joints? I'm thinking of doing it too, but was a little worried that my knees wouldn't be able to keep up!
July 23, 2013 5:22 AM
I'm doing T25. They are both excellent programs. It depends if time is a factor or if you need something that not too high impact I would say go with T25, otherwise do Insanity.
July 23, 2013 5:24 AM
demyumo - I find T25 MUCH easier on the joints than Insanity. After I completed Insanity I had a bit of knee pain and it flares up now and again, but with T25 I haven't had any issues.
July 23, 2013 5:31 AM
Thanks for your replies! 25 minutes a day does sound really good!! hmm and I do have some knee aches every once in a while..
July 23, 2013 5:35 AM

demyumo - I find T25 MUCH easier on the joints than Insanity. After I completed Insanity I had a bit of knee pain and it flares up now and again, but with T25 I haven't had any issues.

That's brilliant news, and definitely time is a factor. I think I'll order it!
July 23, 2013 5:43 AM
July 23, 2013 6:45 AM
You'll have to let me know how it goes! I've been trying to decide which one to get next myself!
July 23, 2013 6:47 AM
T25 is meant for people who are working out under time constraints. If you have the luxury of being able to devote more than 30 minutes a day to your workout session there are better programs out there, and once the novelty of it (as the newest beachbody program) has worn out, people will realize this.
July 23, 2013 6:49 AM
Yeah I was going to get Insanity, but I am not sure....I may try T25....but I reallllly want to challenge myself. I have 4 more workouts before I complete Hip Hop Abs and I saw modest results, but I see I have to take it up a notch,.
July 23, 2013 6:53 AM

T25 is meant for people who are working out under time constraints. If you have the luxury of being able to devote more than 30 minutes a day to your workout session there are better programs out there, and once the novelty of it (as the newest beachbody program) has worn out, people will realize this.

I had similar thoughts. I havent done T25 but I have done other programs. I feel that in order to make a video seem shorter for people a lot of essentials are cut out such as a proper warm up and stretch. And you do always hear them say that if they need more stretching to do it on their own time. So I can only imagine what else they cut out of T25.

Based off of that I would say go back and get your foundation program of HIIT training and start with the Insanity, but if time is a factor and you cant workout for more than 30 minutes (which i feel crazy even mentioning this) then the T25 sounds good for someone that just wants to not think about exercises, and run a stop watch. Get in, get out. Done!
July 23, 2013 6:53 AM
My cousin Nikki is a Team Beachbody Coach and she has done almost EVERY program they have.. She LOVES T25.. She says it gives her as much as a workout as Insanity, but quicker! She doesn't think she can ever go back to an hour long workout.. She's on week 5 of T25.. I actually just ordered my T25 Challenge pack last week and I'm excited! Can't wait to start it! ANYONE can do it.. There is always a modifier Tonya on the screen for lower impact moves..
July 23, 2013 3:28 PM
I've done Insanity and now I'm 2 weeks in to T25. A couple important things. There is no pre-workout stretch and warmup in T25. There is a cooldown AFTER the Focus T25 workout proper is done. It's another 3 minutes or so. Unlike Insanity, there are no "intervals".

Basically, it's Insanity without stretching or warm-up and without any intervals whatsoever. That's how he got the workout down to 25 minutes. It is a pretty crazy workout, definitely. I agree that I am working out as hard as Insanity. And I would say the beginning of T25 workouts do a reasonable job of safely warming up your muscles, since you just about always start with knee lifts and control jogging and such.

I personally like that I'm done with my morning workout in 30 minutes, it's a plus for me. I'll see how the results seem and if I've slipped on fitness compared to Insanity.

Oh yeah, and my wife is doing T25 as well, in a Challenge group with a coach. She loves it! She really prefers the intensity level of T25, which is definitely a notch higher than Insanity since you have no rest intervals.
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July 23, 2013 4:42 PM
I'm on week 3 of T25. Love the results! I've done Insanity and it's also a great workout. I like T25 because it is a quick workout with great results. T25 is no joke!
July 23, 2013 6:41 PM
Thanks everyone so much for all of your replies. They are very helpful! I will have to think about it a little more as it is still a split decision. I do have the time(well sometimes, as I have 2 kids and they only behave when they want too) ha. But 25 minutes is tempting! Thanks again!
July 23, 2013 6:51 PM
I'm currently doing insanity, but have T25 sitting in the box, I'm waiting for Aug 5th to start it.

Honestly if I had T25 first I would not have ever started insanity, I hate working out for an hour, because I have to wake up extra early to be sure I get my workout in. But that is my downfall toward it.
January 11, 2014 5:34 AM
If you've got the time, I would do Insanity. I'm into my 2nd week of Beta phase, and after almost every workout I debate switching back to Insanity the next day. There's no question that you will shed pounds and push your overall fitness level faster and harder with insanity. Plus, I feel like there isn't adequate stretching and cool down in T25 (which makes sense because it's all about getting it done in less than 30 minutes).

That being said, there is definitely something to be said about being able to get a good workout in 25 minutes a day. During the winter months when it takes longer to get the kids bundled up, takes me longer to warm up and you never know if you'll need to go out and shovel...saving the extra 20-30 minutes by doing T25 at the expense of burning an extra 300-400 calories/day is worth it.
January 11, 2014 9:16 AM
I completed Insanity and then completed T25. If this is your first time following a fitness program then you should start with T25. It's easier to work with your schedule and gives you less of a chance to quit because it is ONLY 25 mins a day. I feel like I lost a lot of muscle going from Insanity to T25. I wish I new about T25 first. Now that I completed T25, I just started Insanity all over again and although it is still extremely hard, I can see the difference when doing it again!! I feel more confident and I can last a lot longer without stopping. I love both programs but I would say start with T25 to get your body prepared for Insanity!.
January 11, 2014 9:39 AM
January 15, 2014 4:30 PM
I was just wondering, is the calorie guide a little low? Are men (20yr) supposed to be eating only 1600 calories a day?
January 15, 2014 5:59 PM
I would pick T25 9 times out of 10.
Nothing against Insanity, but I feel that T25 just gives me as good of a workout, in a shorter amount of time, without as much of the impact on my knees.
January 15, 2014 6:07 PM
I did part of Insanity (didn't make it to month 2) and I'm doing T25 right now. I have a bad knee from a previous injury, and I have to say, that having the modifier is so nice! I like how short T25 is, and I'm getting great results. Even though I'm doing low impact, I've found ways to make it more challenging (like wearing weighted gloves, making sure I'm keeping flexible to make sure I'm getting a good range of motion without jumping, etc). I feel like T25 and Turbo Fire have been great as pre-Insanity workouts for me. I know that I won't be able to do all the Insanity moves safely, so the modifiers have given me great ideas to keep me working hard, but not hurting my knee. I think both are great workouts, it just depends on what's the most important thing to you.
January 18, 2014 7:07 AM
I did Insanity for 86 days. The last 56 were the max circuit. I lost 0lbs and maybe one inch at the most around my thighs. My stomach is still big as ever. I just purchased T25 and I hope I see at least some results. Glad that it is only 25 minutes as I need a time saver! Good luck to all of you!! :)
January 19, 2014 7:52 PM
I did insanity February and lost 35 lbs in 72 days. I then started p90x and only liked the weight programs, so I substituted insanity max workouts on my non weight p90x days. This has worked well for me.

Now on my insanity days I no longer do the stretching portions which cuts down the time by 12 mins, but I do my own stretching after the warm up.

I would like to try t25 but only if it is as intense as insanity and provides the same results. Who has tried both and can tell me whether I would be wasting my money or saving time and getting similar results?

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