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July 22, 2013 7:35 PM
Hey guys!

So I was recently introduced to Isagenix by a friend I went to high school with. I started the program because I was slowly gaining back the weight I lost just by counting calories and exercising, and I also got lazy. I had started binge eating almost every night. With that being said, I started Isagenix and I am currently on day 8 of the 30 days. I lost 6 lbs and 11.5 inches so far!!! Woohoo!! I love my results, but unless I find other people who are interested in the program for themselves, I cannot continue it after I complete my 30 days. I am not interested in getting anyone to sign up. It seems like a lot of work to get people interested and then hooked to pay the $300+ for the program. I was pretty shocked with myself that I was willing to even pay that much!!

So anyways, I wanted to see if anyone on here has ever been on Isagenix and somehow was still able to keep their weight off? I can see myself trying to eat healthy after this cleanse, but not as strict as I have been. I haven't had anything with added salt or sugar and I have not had any cheese, milk, yogurt, etc. Everything has been organic, which I know is healthy, but it is just too unrealistic for me. I know I will want the unhealthy foods again a couple times a week when this is all done.

I have noticed on my deep cleanse days I only consumed 455 calories, which is very low. Maybe if I do that every so often while drinking only water and eating only fruits and veggies as if I am doing my own deep cleansing?? What can I replace the shakes with?

Any help is appreciated!!!!
July 23, 2013 6:44 PM

I look forward to helping others share the way I feel for their own benefit. I am glad you chose to be open to Isagenix and i hope you find a way to continue. You are worth it! Don't let others judge you and don't let others persuade you not to want to sell Isagenix. Why wouldn't you want to share the good news?

Recruiting a new sales rep?
July 23, 2013 6:54 PM
Yup...We can pay for all of the necessities in life so why not pay for our health? Gym Membership, healthy eats, activites and aerobic accessories. Good Luckt to you but i wouldnt pay the money for that program either when eventually, I will have to learn to eat right, count calories, make correct choices and so on. Its a waste if you ask me. To do what you can do now eventually
July 23, 2013 7:55 PM
I love my Isagenix. happy
July 26, 2013 6:17 PM
Thanks for the responses!

Jamie- I really think there are other products out there that are healthy and they won't cost the amount of money I paid for Isagenix. My biggest problem with Isagenix is that I have very few options for snacks, unless you buy MORE of their products like the snack bars (which are actually very good). The shakes are getting nastier in my opinion, and today I had a low blood sugar while eating my allowed few slices of green apple and I have never had issues with my blood sugars. I am also about to do the deep cleansing this weekend, which I am now considering not doing if my blood sugars are getting messed up on shake days.

I went into this program with a very positive mindset, but the more I do it the less I feel like it is helping me with anything besides weight loss. Replacing my breakfast and lunch with shakes is not something I am going to adopt as a lifestyle change. I prefer to chew my food. I also think it is doing nothing for the "going all day without food until I'm hungry and then binge eating" issue I had before starting the program. I barely eat all day, and then I come home and make a huge meal, yes it is organic and in my calorie range, but I still get stuffed like I am eating all of my day's worth of actual food at night.

I do think this program has great support, it obviously works for many people and maybe when I am more established I can afford $300+ a month for this plan to possibly try again, but now at day 12, I can say I am not ordering another 30 days. I want to get my money's worth and hopefully be able to get through the 30 days, but I can't cut out eating with friends and family to have a shake instead. Not happening.

So if there is a way to keep the weight off after using Isagenix besides "not having an after", I'd appreciate your feedback!!!!!
July 26, 2013 7:55 PM
There's nothing healthy about drinking two meals a day for the rest of one's life. There most certainly are healthier and cheaper options out there...they're called real food.

Katie...good luck on your journey. I wish I could help more but I honestly don't know how your body will recover after 30 days of that stuff once you switch back to proper eating.
July 27, 2013 2:51 PM
I think the answer is that I probably will gain the weight back. Not necessarily all of it, but some of it. And I think that is something I have to accept since this program will not be a life changer for me. I am sticking it out for the 30 days, and I look forward to eating normal again, hopefully without binge eating!!! Thanks.
July 29, 2013 9:44 AM
Hello Isagenix FOLKS...Any suggestions!!! I started Isagenix approximately 2 weeks ago, I am going into my 3rd week. I have lost some inches/little weight, which I really don't know...I don't weigh myself. However, I am with you...I sure hope I can keep it off too!
This appears to be a pretty healthy product, and I like the idea that I don't have any cravings for coffee or caffeine. My biggest problem now is the it is getting redundant. I have tried EVERYTHING...bananas in my shakes...peaches. The shakes aren't bad. Are you staying within the 400-600 range? That is difficult too! I usually go over 600...not by much, but the interesting thing is that I am eating less than I did in the past. I rarely go over 1200 calories with Isagenix, which is what I am going to do to lose weight and keep it off! Any words of suggestions?
July 29, 2013 11:06 AM
Hello all, I do love my Isagenix but you have to keep in mind it can be a life style or a tool. If it is a tool- you need to learn from it. Take the label from the shake you like and find something as close as you can. Same with snakes and bars. The meal plan itself is wonderful and so easy to follow. You can stay active with Isagenix and get some items - you don't have to order the "system" . Get as little or as much as you like. Hope this helps.
July 30, 2013 6:10 PM
Maybe I will use it as a tool instead of a lifestyle! I wonder if it is ok to just cleanse every now and then? Does anyone know? I definitely enjoyed their snack bars that I got to try in the sample pack.. I just wish it wasn't so expensive!!
December 28, 2013 1:14 PM
Have you kept the weight off?
December 28, 2013 1:21 PM
Beware the cult of Isagenix.
January 4, 2014 8:23 PM
I know this is an old thread, but
March 9, 2014 6:36 PM
Uhhhhhh, every single person I know is taking and pushing the isagenix. It's quite annoying.
To the OP. Try the book SuperShred, by Dr Ian Smith. I'm still in my first week but I feel great (and I'm not being paid to say that or getting free product like the isa-people). I'm motivated by the others on the Facebook group who have lost on this diet. And it is a diet, he says that straight out. It's not a long term plan (however he has a 6 week plan/book as well I will be following up with).
Good luck!
June 27, 2014 1:20 PM
I'm wondering the same thing and have a general idea of what to do. I'm going to complete the 30-day program which is super easy, effective and requires little thought. During the 30 day time-frame, I am implementing a 3-day a week workout program which will eventually become 5-days a week. I'm going to continue with the shakes as the 'base' for vegetable and/or fruit juice drinks. I'm going to use the Isagenix snacks (tablets and bar), snack tabs in the morning and bar in the afternoon. I'm going to continue a well balanced evening meal to include a salad, protein, cooked vegetables. I'm going to lay off the breads and sweets and continue with the 64oz of water daily. I've been on the program 10 days and have lost 9 pounds - I have another 12 pounds before hitting my target weight. My doctor recommended this program because it is a good way to "reset" your taste buds. happy
July 6, 2014 7:40 AM
Here is my story. I started loosing weight with MFP in September 2013. I lost 20 pounds by just cutting calories in 4 months. I was happy with my weight and thought I was done. Then a women moved into our community who was using Isagenix for 3 years. She got on it for health reason, not weight reasons. But she told a bunch of us that you can also loose weight on it. I didn't believe it but then some of the women in the community started it and they all started to loose weight. I decided to try it because I could still stand to loose a few more pounds. Miraculously I lost another 15 pounds and I now have been around 120 pounds at 5'2" which is perfect for me. I NEVER thought I could do this. I have not weighed this little in YEARS! And I'm maintaining my weight for a least 4 months. All I do is drink the shakes for breakfast and then I use the other tools of the wafer snacks and I cleanse one time a month. I now honestly believe that when you rid your body of the toxins then it's allowed to loose the weight. I will NEVER stop eating this super food. It's so much more healthy and easier than juicing or so many other ways. When you buy 60 meals up front of COURSE it's going to be $300 or so. It's food. If you look at the Isatestimonials page on FB you will see how many people it works for. I keep being impressed with it as I see it working for my friends and family. The best thing is it's flexible so if you don't follow the program one day, you can follow it the next day. I know this original post was over a year old. How are you doing now?
July 6, 2014 7:47 AM
Your body detoxes itself through pee and poop.

The way to lose weight and keep it off? Through making lifestyle sustainable changes. Don't over restrict. It's about moderation not deprivation.

Read the sexypants link. It'll help.
July 21, 2014 2:55 PM
Just finished Isagenix 30-day program. Initially lost 11 pounds but gained 3 back so total weight loss for period: 8 lbs. Seems to be holding.


re: Meal replacement shakes-- Will not continue because it is too costly. Lots of protein powders at lesser cost in the market (research for good quality whey blends).

As a 5:2 IF program-- doable to kickstart weight loss, but I cannot sustain it as a "lifestyle." Will probably transition from IF to carb-cycling (which is like "IF lite"). And will also throw in that 8-hr diet protocol (eating only within an 8-hr window in 24 hrs)-- just to see if that works with humans too.

15 pounds to go for me.
July 23, 2014 3:34 PM
Katie: Its very simple and unfortunately what none of us want to hear. Its all about calories and types of calories. First we must burn the same or more calories in the day than we eat. If we burn less we eventually gain, if we burn more we lose. Second we must eat healthy. Healthy is generally clean foods (void of heavy sauces, etc) moderate portions, lots of fresh veggies and limited grains. Desserts heavy pastas and breads, ice cream, etc will work against you so you must partake in moderation. And yo must continue to drink plenty of water. Not liquids..water. The key is the lifestyle change and sticking to it. You have to want a fit, lean body more than you want the taste and fullness of the foods. That being said I'm completing my 11 day of Isagenix. I have been eating healthy and using supplements for over 30 years. I am extremely impressed with the Isagenix products so far. The Cleanse for Life and Ionix Supreme I truly notice to be tremendously rich in nutrients. I like the vitamin packs with the product B. i definitely feel more alert have more energy but not nervous energy as I have a calmness as well. I have been using protein shakes regularly as part of my workout routine. I have tried many brands and am particularly sensitive to ingredients. I find Isagenix to assimilate very well. I know this because I do not have to move my bowels very soon after like I do with all of the other protein shakes. I feel nourished after I drink it. Its tastes fine, not as good as others, but who cares, it is nourishing me and that is what counts. As for the snacks, whatever :) I like whole foods and will continue snacks that I have always used (raw seeds and nuts, hard boiled eggs, beans with a little salsa, small amount of tuna or chicken). I am not selling Isagenix, but I 'm not particularly against it. I do believe they have something unique and that you can pick and choose the products you use and integrate foods in as well. But alas, you must be conscious of what and how much you eat, the days of nachos and chicken wings every weekend may have be behind you. Hope this helps. All the best!
September 25, 2014 5:05 PM
Simple trick that i found with Isagenix, if you dont like the taste of the shake, add stuff to it like spinash and raspberries for fiber, banana and peanut butter, pineapple and kale... Wtv the flavor as long as it's natural stuff. Make your own bars, i found some off pinterest, simply write clean protein bars and ensure it's all natural ingredients, they turn out being much more natural than the isaLean Bars. And dont forget that you eat for the amount if energy you burn!
If you stay on your butt all day, dont expect miracle, if you do only cardio or classic weight lifting... Sorry to tell you it's only aerobic... So you are spending the energy in reserve, therefore not spending as much as if you were doing Anaerobic, like crossfit, functional training or circuit training where you burn calories up to 24 h after your workout so you need more calories intake in your day simply because you burn more.
September 25, 2014 6:43 PM
I do Isagenix on and off now, but just edit yourself once you are off. One day you have a shake, one day you dont, while keeping your calories in check and exercising

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