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TOPIC: Wrist pain when bending it backwards!

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June 2, 2013 8:15 PM
So i've been trying to continue my normal workout, but my wrist hurts whenever i bend it backwards for a push up or any similar motion. I visited a doctor who said it was an over use injury and to ice it, rest it, and take anti inflammatory meds, and ive been doing that for a week and a half, but my wrist still hurts. has anyone experienced something similar, and does it normally take this long to heal?
June 2, 2013 8:20 PM

And yes.

Personally, I'd be icing it regularly and going back to the doctor next week, as there are any number of things the pain could be due to, whether it's tendonitis, a ganglion (cyst) forming inside, or simply insufficient stretching.

Don't try and skimp on the recovery time, as it's all to easy to cause long lasting damage by not letting things heal properly.
June 2, 2013 8:25 PM
you could have bursitis in your wrist. I have it in my hips, ankles and shoulder. Yes it it takes more than a week to heal, and if it is bursitis it really never goes away. You can do some wrist strengthening exercises to help it out. You can google it for more info and some helpful little exercises that are low impact and will help restrengthen those muscles.

Biggest thing is listen to your body, if it hurts stop. If it starts to hurt after a workout, ice it. Bursitis is really obnoxious and time is its only "cure". If you push it to hard (like I did) you'll end up with physical therapy and cortisone shots (they hurt really bad!). Take it easy, and usually 2-3 weeks of going easy it will be getting back to normal.

....Also lol sorry long post, you could try wrapping it with KT tape. I swear by that stuff and use it for the ankle that has bursitis when it gets a flare up.

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