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I often "un-friend" all my friends - purely because I'm busy at work. If I "un-friend" you it's just that we're on a big job that month! Cheers

Last year was my year of losing a lot of weight. This year I'm losing the last few KG.

I follow the system of Dr. Wolfgang Lutz, which, in my opinion, is the most advanced scientific thinking on human food matters.

In German-speaking countries, Dr. Lutz is perhaps the best-known writer on dietary matters.

Why I want to get in shape

Because I have to support the kids for another 15 years.

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  • Dr. Lutz


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  • The men who made us fat

    Fri 06/15/12 01:58PM That is a GREAT explanation. Thanks! Sounds like a great show, I'll look for it based on your summary.

  • Nanny in MIchigan??

    Fri 06/15/12 10:28AM in this economy, you will get 5000000 replies form a nice ad in your newspaper. Go for it ! Also if online, what about aupair.com

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