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I haven't filled this out yet.

Why I want to get in shape

- To be healthy
- To have confidence
- To be able to go in a nice shop and not have a staff look at me up and down and say "we dont have your size" with a disgusted look
- To be able to wear whatever I want
- To be able to wear a pencil skirt and not look like in in my PJs.

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  • When Do Your Cravings Hit?

    Mon 01/14/13 04:34AM Very late night. Or shall I say early morning. I wake up from my sleep craving for chocolate. :/ I need to learn how to control that.


    Mon 01/14/13 04:32AM Definitely curvy. Well I'm much more than crvy right now :))) I want to be curvy. I remember myself beıng skinny. That was a very long ti...

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