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32 years old
Jeddah, MK
"Be the person Mr. Rogers knew you could be."

About Me:

hi, and thank you for stopping by my humble page. I am flattered that I caught your interest in receiving a Friend request however I would dearly appreciate if you can read my disclaimer

- I use this site for fitness primarily so please do not add me for reasons outside of fitness
- If I do not like your diary, I won't be commenting on it. I know some of you have medical reasons to eat low but in general, please be smart and don't starve!
- Please add a message so I know where/how you know me :)
- I usually like to keep my Friends list lean. Which means that I like to keep active members in my friends list who communicate. If you ever feel like deleting me for ANY reason, I do not take it to heart. I figure you have a good reason. If I feel that we're just a number on each others friends list, I will sadly remove you to add somebody else but like before, I do not keep hard feelings and have a mature attitude about it.

About me:

Trying to take control of my life. I am brutally honest with my friends and myself. I enter every single thing in my diary (unless I forget or am lazy). My friends have shown me support through the worst of me so I don't feel judged if I endup consuming 4,500 calories within 24 hours. I will NOT congratulate you on your diary if you're eating too little. I like friends who eat well. I don't believe 1200 calories to be a magic number but be smart and don't starve.

I share my life stories and my friends stories all the time which to me are funny though you might find them creepy/weird/not cool.

I do not try to lose weight anymore. The better goal for me is to feel better and move easier. Loser (or is it looser?) pants are always good. I weight lift, walk around, run (and fail miserably). I eat everything and anything (except fish. So help me God if I ever see sea food in my plate!). I eat ice cream or something sweet almost daily.

-Be able to wear the watch my dad gave me 10 years ago - Check
-Burn 3,000 calories in a single day - 05/24/12
-260 lbs 06/15/12
-Burn 3,500 calories on a single day - 06/16/12

Why I want to get in shape

These are my excuses as to why I got into such bad shape. Honest truth time for me

- Laziness. I was too lazy to move and make a change in my lifestyle. Fast food (which I hate btw, I really hate most of the food from BK and McD's) was just easier even though cooking for myself wouldve been cheaper and healthier.

- Excuses. I made excuses. "I will do this some other time." "I will do it starting tomorrow." "Oh I ate bad today? I will recover tomorrow by not eating" and ofcourse that led to binging

- video game addiction: World of Warcraft. I cannot even begin to explain how much that game have ruined my life, not just health wise but everything. I know I'm to blame but that game alone have ruined the last atleast 4 years of my life.

- being a coward: Whenever I got hit by stress, I tried to confide in food or cigarettes. I just didnt wanted to face my troubles like a man but in the end, I had to anyways. Stress didnt went away because of eating or smoking but it sure did put on some weight.

- Just not stopping: I couldve stopped with the bad habits when I hit 200, I was aware of the weight issue. I couldve stopped at 220, 240, 250, 270, and now I'm at 280. Each time I knew what was up but I didnt do anything about it. I was ok with the fat man in the mirror. I hated him but I didnt wanted to do anything to change it

I am now in charge of my own faults and failures. I will try my best. I urge my friends on MFP to not let me get off the course. I have a few real life friends who i've asked to do the same. Hopefully, this time I will conquer my own mind.

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