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Olivette, MO
"Get fit to live fit"

About Me:

**Currently: I'm currently on a 6-month trip overseas. Spent the summer in Morocco studying Arabic and now I'm in Marseille, France, for the semester to work on my French. Honestly, I was doing wonderfully in the spring, in time for my college graduation, but it was basically all undone in Morocco (such yummy food! and impolite to refuse...!). Weirdly enough things are going better in France--I think i'm better able to record what I'm eating. The whole wine thing is a little tough tho....**

Joined MFP so that I could maintain a healthy weight as well as to learn to eat a little better. Also to be more conscious about what I'm eating, as I have to log it every day. It's a nice motivator when you know you're going to have to report every little thing you take in.

Why I want to get in shape

I definitely think this mentality needs to start early. I don't want to end up heavy and then have to correct it: I want to establish healthy habits now. My mom was heavy for a long time (like me, she loves butter and can't turn down snacks!) but then she really kicked it into gear and looks fantastic now, we can even share our clothes. I never want my weight to have to be a factor in anything.

My Inspirations

  • Seeing all those slender girls dancing with me in ballet class.
  • Wanting to be confident and at ease at all times
  • My mommy :)


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