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Dammam, SH
"You'll never get there if you never start trying!"

About Me:

NOTE: I'm happy to add sisters, young and older, (as well as any respectful non-muslim ladies.. Yes, I'm a prude.) but I would highly appreciate a short note of introduction with your friend request. I will not add anyone who is male, for personal reasons. Nor will I add those who use rude/vulgar language or make inappropriate/crude jokes. I am not a friend collector, and I only add/keep those who are active and dedicated.

UPDATE: Sorry everyone, but I'm no longer accepting friend requests right now. I prefer a very short list where I can give personal support to everyone, as opposed to a crowded list where all I can do is "like" everyone's posts.

I'm an extremely active member, but I don't always comment, unless you are struggling. I won't comment on your diary unless you ask for my input, or if I see something very significant. I do not support extremely low calorie diets, and will not keep anyone on my list who insists on following them.

I've been overweight almost literally my entire life; since I was about 8 years old, I've never entered into the "normal" weight category. I've never been as close as I am now (roughly 3 kg to go) and I am hoping to maintain it long-term this time around.

Update.. I have reached normal weight for the first time ever :)! I am aiming towards the mid-low end of the normal BMI chart and a normal body fat percentage now :).. I will be there in a couple of months, insha'Allah!

Newest update 03/07/2014: I've reached my semi-maintenance weight, and now I'm just playing around with calories until I reach my happy place. Yay! :)

Why I want to get in shape

- To be healthier
- For my husband, who is accompanying me on this life-long journey to the best possible health :)

My Inspirations

  • A healthy life
  • My husband
  • Not feeling ugly for the first time


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