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Oh let's see, a bit about me. I'm just your average guy working for Safeway as a meatcutter. I hope to one day have my own restaurant as I love to cook great tasting healthy food (even some not so healthy food, hah). I have great supportive friends and a new lifestyle ahead of me. So many things I wish to change, Smoking is a big one that I want to curb, hopefully soon. Weight is another, the reason why I'm here, a great friend showed me this site and I'm working towards a better life, a healthy life, a longer life. Wish me luck!, but most of all, Believe in me, I do.

Why I want to get in shape

I'm fat!, lol. No really though, I feel tired after a days work, when I see other people my own age owning the day taking their life by the reigns. Hell, I even see people twice my age doing that. It's my turn to turn heads and make people realize, I can do it too. I can race my nieces and nephews around the park, I can dance all night and still have energy to... well you know ;). I can make a woman swoon without even speaking to her (don't laugh, I'll do it!). I want to be healthy, I want my lungs back, I want my stomach flat and my body toned. I want to be able to handle the hot days. I want to be able to climb the faces of rock cliffs. I want to take the trails in the mountains by storm! I want to ride a horse. I want to be a better me. This is what I want, and I'm being selfish, and taking the world into my hands, shaping my body so I can do what I want.

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