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"Ugh! what happened?"

About Me:

***Please send me a message when making a Friend Request as to what we have in common with our weight loss goals. Unless I know you, I don't accept requests without a message. Thank you!***

Back at it AGAIN starting January 1, 2018. I gained back almost all of the weight that I lost and just look and feel horrible. I am restarting again and feel confident that I will make it stick this time around. I now need to lose about 150 pounds. I restarted my ticker at the 20 pounds lost (that I did not regain).

I ORIGINALLY started with MFP and my diet on 5/2/11 and had 160 pounds+ to lose. I fell off the bandwagon in July of 2011 (lost about 20 pounds during those 2 months). Then got back on
January of 2012 and lost 80 pounds that year and some more in early 2013!

I am married with 2 amazing grown sons. I was not overweight growing up but I started to gain, and gain and gain after each of my kids were born. I am 5'10" tall. I have been fortunate that I have not had any weight related health problems (ever) with the exception of bad joints. My blood pressure, sugar and all numbers are now and have always been surprisingly good. I was however diagnosed with PCOS in December of 2012 (which I think I have probably had most of my adult life but just didn't know it). This disease does make it difficult to lose weight.
I am determined to lose this weight and get my life back!

GOALS (effective January 1, 2018):
**** lose 12 pounds= already met ****
Goal 1: lose 30 pounds
Goal 2: lose 42 pounds - 1/4 way there!
Goal 3: lose 70 pounds - less than 100 lbs over goal -weight
Goal 4: lose 84 pounds - 1/2 way there!
Goal 5: lose 90 pounds - weight after 2nd baby born
Goal 6: lose 100 pounds
Goal 7: lose 126 pounds - 3/4 way there!
Goal 8: lose 130 pounds
Goal 9: lose 140 pounds - weight after 1st baby born!
Goal 10: lose 169 pounds - estimated goal weight loss based on age 18 (pre-pregnancy/Army basic training weight)

Why I want to get in shape

Want to ride a roller coaster again, do outdoor phsyical activities, and not have to pay for first class to fit on the plane. I also just want to feel and look better, have more stamina and improve my health.

My Inspirations

  • my family
  • massive shopping extravaganzas!
  • ultimate weight loss goal is 2 pounds a week (dreaming???)
  • More realistic goal is 1.5 pounds a week


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