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29 years old
Chatham, IL
"Unstoppable Tank"

About Me:

*After Spending February to August 2012 "trying" to lose weight, I hired a trainer in September to shred off the weight, and I haven't looked back. 50 pounds gone, 15 to go.*

In 2014 I'm much more focused on strength gains and controlling my appetite, and my lack of appetite sometimes. If you're training, sometimes you don't get to choose when to eat, because you MUST eat a few hours after a crushing workout, and I'm tired of caving in to my impulses, eating whatever is convenient instead of what my body needs.

Why I want to get in shape

*Swimsuit season - specifically I'm tired of being afraid of what anyone else thinks of me when I am without a shirt.*

I'm going to leave the above, but now, as I've matured in my weight loss, and gotten more focused on strength gains, I don't care what I look like without a shirt. I now look "average" and, now that I'm here, and looking as skinny fat as everyone else, I realize what I should have seen all along... nobody cares. Except people who are nasty, so you should pepper spray them when you come across one.

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