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Saint Louis, MO
"Enough expository banter! Now we fight like men! And ladies! And ladies who dress like men!"

About Me:

I am a girl who lives in a house with windows. I like windows.

All joking aside, I'm tired of how I look. I'm better than this, I should look how I feel--and I've finally gotten my life to a place where I feel good about myself and things around me. I've been overweight since at least 1997 and been constantly trying to lose weight since... 2008? or so, but have been ultimately unsuccessful. Compounded by miserable relationship conditions, battling mental disorders, and my accountability buddy dying it's been an overwhelming challenge that I've had a hard time even struggling to meet.

It's just time for all that to stop. Now that I've gotten the rest of my life reigned in it's time to take the next steps.


Why I want to get in shape

... mostly because I'm tired of my doctors calling me fat? Because that sucks. Seriously, medical professionals should know better.

My butt used to have a shape! I was down to a 14w once and I remember... I called my mom, so excited because my backside didn't just turn into my rump anymore... there was an honest "butt shape" there. I will have that back.

I miss costuming for myself; I refuse to make outfits and costumes that don't look good on me. I also don't want to constantly take an outfit in, it's hard on the shape and the garment; just bad practice.

My Inspirations

  • I want to inspire my mom to get in shape.
  • I want to be what I was when I was younger - light and active
  • Maybe shallow - I want to break the stereotype of the "fat ugly nerd girl"
  • I'm also a bit spiteful - I want to show everyone what they're missing!


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