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36 years old
Farr West, UT
"This time i will win ^_^"

About Me:

Hey all! My name's Shanon. I've tried dieting and exercising, but usually give up after the 2nd week. This time something must have clicked. I want to be healty for myself and my family.

I work in a clinic as a Lab Assistant Coordinator. So sometimes it's alot of sitting but somedays i don't have any time to relax at all. Makes for an interesting job.

Start weight: 217.0 (3-26-2012)

1st Goal weight: 170.0

2nd Goal weight: 150.0

Once i've reached that i shall set another goal. Small goals baby! Small goals!

Why I want to get in shape

1. To better my health

2. My family

3. To be able to shop for regular clothes and not in the plus section

4. To gain some damn muscle ....hehehe

5. And most important....for MYSELF!!!!!

My Inspirations

  • My family
  • My smaller jeans going to waste in my closet
  • Living a long, healthy life for my children
  • Myself!!!!


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