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46 years old
"Losing wheight"

About Me:

Last year, in summer, I had a motorcycle accident. I spent two months in bed and, until now, i can't walk anymore, ... well, my ankle is destroyed.
During this period i got 20 kg, without do anything if not only for eat.... enjoyed sooo much.
I m not regretted but... its time to change... like the title suggestion.

Why I want to get in shape

My first reason is to try to walk better without any pain... surely if lighter will be better.
Second, I can't see myself like so
Third, I dont want other see me like so

My Inspirations

  • Healthy
  • Sex life ;)
  • My great loly wife


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    Fri 04/27/12 10:30PM I never heard 40 kg in one month, shocking!! Strong and wonderful girl, I like you.

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    Fri 04/27/12 02:53AM From when propaganda's Ernst made it illegal, the hempen now is impossible to use in all the world. Still is somebody not blind, or I ne...

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