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I was never heavy growing up, but after I got married and had kids, I found myself in the “overweight” category and did not like looking in the mirror. I successfully shed the excess (in 2006), but despite staying very active, the weight crept back on through the years. Take two Spring of 2013 and had success for a while (got about halfway there) but now up AGAIN :(

I’m a SAHM with a home gym so I get in several small workouts throughout the day. I have been actively tracking my steps for a while now (I'm a Fitbit fan). While exercise everyday is a part of my life now, counting calories and eating healthy has ALWAYS been a struggle.

My weekday goals are ...
22,000 steps
100 Active minutes
Exercise burn of 1000
Total calorie burn of 3000
Food intake around 2000

StartingWeight -180
Feel Good Weight - Anything under 150
Goal Weight - 135

I don’t have an open food diary ... I’m still embarrassed about all the junk I eat and it's nothing inspirational! But I AM pretty open about all my numbers, and I’m keeping a blog to document my days.

I keep a "fitness" Facebook page as well.

I have a handsome hubby and five boys (ages 11-21).

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