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35 years old
Essex, EN

About Me:

So a little about me......

Im Sarah, im a single mum with 2 boys, aged 17 years and 5years and I work self employed.

I have always had problems with weight since I hit my teens. Iv been on more diets than I care to mention for all of my adult life from weightwatchers, slimming world, to lighterlife and cambridge! I had great results with the VLCD's but it was short lived. I have learnt that the only real way to get in shape is to stick with good old fashioned calorie counting and exercise.

My wake up call was realising I qualified for obesity surgery!!! At 30 years old, that was not a road I wanted to be on and I knew I had to change my ways and reverse what I had done to myself!!

At my heaviest i was 18st 6lb in July 2009 and then i settled at 17st 9lb in July 2011 when i started to count calories and follow a regular exercise plan and now, November 2013 I am 15st 3lb with a goal in mind of 10st 7lb, so still over 4 stone to go.

I am starting the P90X plan where I will follow it to the letter as I am curios and excited to see how that works for my body and what results I can achieve :) I tried this last year with some great results which at the time I didnt see too much, but really can now when I look back at the photos, strange! I wish I saw it more at the time lol.

My current goal is to lose the extra body fat I carry, about 65lbs give or take as I have just joined a gym and although my fitness test was all good, my body fat is very high at 45% so I am going to work hard at getting that down.

I would also very much love to get into weight lifting in a more serious way. I have dabbled in the NROLFW but never completed it so I may start with that and focus on form. However I am seriously considering hiring a trainer if funds allow :)

I also love running which I never expected but I havent done any for a long time so I will love to get back into that and build it up to a reasonable level. Other fitness I enjoy is rowing, swimming, interval and circuit training.

I really am looking forward to making some new friends on here, offering each other support and advice and sharing our inspirational progress :)

Why I want to get in shape

I want to get into shape so I can look and feel amazing, be a good role model for my children, live a healthy happy life and maybe even meet a nice man :)

My Inspirations

  • my children - set them a good example.
  • my health - i dont want to be an obesity statistic
  • success stories on here!! - i will be one of them :)
  • to say i did it - with hard work and determination!!


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