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30 years old
Cape Coral, FL
"Through Christ I can do all things!"

About Me:

My name's Christine. Started with MFP January 5, 2012. Happily married with 2 kiddos! My friend Alicia told me about this site. Hopefully we can motivate each other to reach our goals although we are too far apart to work out together!

Why I want to get in shape

Most Importantly - for myself!
I had double-hernia surgery on my stomach 5 yrs ago from over-working my abs. Going to do the slow and steady approach this time!

Incentives & Goals -

Beat my high school 5K 22:09 - so close! (22:15)
Beat my half marathon PR on 3/2/13 of 1:51

First Triathlon Complete 9/15/14 - 1:08:41

Height: 5' 5 3/4"
HW: 153.6
CW: 120.6
GW: 120

My Inspirations

  • To live a healthy lifestyle so I can enjoy my husband & kids to the fullest.
  • To be a good rold model for my children.
  • To become an elite runner & triathlete!
  • To not feel self-conscious in a bathing suit


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