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50 years old
Marietta, GA
"I 'Do' when others 'Talk'"

About Me:

I believe that there is nothing that that human spirit can't achieve but so often the tools aren't put in place to enable success. When I set a goal, I make sure that I have the tools and skills in place to make it happen. I give myself grace during setbacks and celebrate the victories. MFP is a great tool to help me carve off 10 lbs to get back to my 'Peak Fighting Weight'!

Why I want to get in shape

Being in shape creates personal focus, enormous amounts of energy and helps my be a truly 'positive life force' in the world around me. Every facet of life is better when I am taking care of me - mind, body and spirit.

My Inspirations

  • my kids' future kids
  • my family
  • expensive health care


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