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  • Test post

    Hi, testing

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  • Thursday and still on track

      Today is Thursday, day 3 of the program for this week. Did OK yesterday until R reminded me that we ate froyo at the mall. I had forgotten that entirely (doesn't that sound familiar?) OK, 250 calories more than I meant to, but not enough to put me...

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  • Day 2 & 3 of 66!

    Day 2 was easy.  Nope...that's a lie, sort of.  It was easy to a point and then drama erupted and I had to talk myself off the ledge.  I really wanted to reach for the glass of wine and the chocolate and just say screw it.   Yay me though!  I didn't ...

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  • About ME

    Hey Guys, Just thought I would talk a little about myself. im tina, I'm 4ft9 and I am now 12.3. I have always struggled with my weight like most throughout my life throughout the year. I have really been on many diets but I have been watching a lot o...

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  • My Circadian Clock Experiment Day 1

    I've recently run across two interviews w/ Dr. Satchin Panda on two of my favorite podcasts: Foundmyfitness and Bulletproof.  It was actually part 2 of Bulletproof interview that pushed me into action.

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  • Bored at work and possibly dying.

    I have a particular job that does not stimulate me at all. Its a good job and when its nice out, I enjoy it enough. It pays well, and quite frankly way too much for what I do. But I'm not stimulated. I won't go into details.... but lets say it was a ...

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  • just starting my journey

    Im hoping have a 150 pounds in 9 months.I went to the clinic today and my weight is 201 pounds. i started a 1200 calories nutritrional plan 1 month ago.I started with 205 pounds. I 've lost 4 pounds already with a hard work day by day, saying to to t...

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  • Pat's Famous Beef and Pork Chili recipe (turkey sub pork)

    Servings  8calories per serving44017 IngredientsEdit Recipe2 tsp(s), Spices, oregano, dried1 tbsp(s), Spices, paprika1 teaspoon, Iodized Table Salt1 lb(s), 85% Lean Ground Round Beef1 cup(s), Beer - Regular1 container (1 1/2 cups ea.), Black Beans, C...

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  • Weight Watchers Scale

    Is the weight watchers scale accurate?  Its  a bit odd when I weight myself.  I just don't feel what it says I weight.

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  • A new start

    I'm 39, I have 2 little girls aged 4 and 2.  I turn 40 in July.  Yes, that's my intro. I was out with my girlfriends last year, all younger than myself by at least 6 years and we were talking about my upcoming 40th birthday.  They asked whether I had...

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  • Test Post

    Can I find this with the App?

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  • Macros. Whew.

    After my first couple weeks of yaaay, I have really been struggling to lose weight. So I have been digging in a bit deeper into my eating. Specifically looking at my macros. It was very eye-opening.I noticed I am waaaaaay over my fat allotment every ...

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  • Started Slacking

    I was already slacking on working out and not eating the greatest. At least I was logging though.  This last week, however, I took several days off logging.  Yesterday was a new start though.  I logged all my food, started intermittent fasting (IF), ...

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  • not in my head

    Long story short: About 6 years ago, I started having some kinda major problems. Severe depression, stomach troubles, exhaustion, etc. I've probably said this so many times that anyone who reads this will be annoyed, but I am severely needlephobic. B...

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  • An old woman's journey to loose 146 pounds (Day 51)

    Well, here is an update on the dieting: The 28 day challenge: Failed Going to the gym everyday: Failed Posting to my food diary every day: Failed Posting to the Blog often: Failed Get below 305 Lbs.: Success Hubby has been doing a lot of walkin...

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  • Motivation: Burberry Blouse

    Taking a new approach to weight loss. Health, well being, feeling good, being strong and living a long time just aren't that motivating for me. For every 10 pounds I lose, I promise to buy myself a ridiculously overpriced piece of designer apparel or...

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  • slipping

    Today's weight is a wake-up call. I've been slipping. I have not been eating clean and have been snacking too much at home. I know I can turn this around if I put my mind to it. The events of the past week have derailed my motivation and robbed me of...

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  • Regarding My Profile Picture

    I call this picture "The Pie Queen".  I am proudly displaying my fresh blueberry pie.  This is the person I want to change.  I'm heavy and slouchy in the picture.  I'm happy but I believe I could be even happier!  On this trip we went to Acadia Natio...

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  • Guess who...

    Yep! It's me...again!It looks as though I have not been on here since 2014! Wow! Needless to say I am still struggling...still overweight...still attempting to find what works for me...still praying to God for strength, help, deliverance!But the good...

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    Starting to day with MACROS - going to see how this works for me. 

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