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30 years old
Expat In Seoul, SO
"Dusting myself off for another go"

About Me:

I have a daughter who is one year old. I really struggled with the postpartum period after her birth and found myself really questioning why I want to be thin and healthy. The reality of a little person looking to me as a role model is both overwhelming and inspiring. However, at the end of the day I want my daughter to see herself as strong and empowered, so I need to work on seeing myself that way as well.

Milestones: Weight-loss
-10lbs: 4/26/15; new pair of Kigo shoes
-20lbs: 5/30/15; Aria Scale
-30lbs: PowerBeats 2 Wireless
-50lbs: Workout outfit(s)
-80lbs:Wellness Vacation

Milestones: Distance
-Run 5k: 5/13/15; "See Jane Run" 5k Registration
-Run 10k: 5/26/15; Fitbit
-Run 15k: Skirt Sport
-Run 13.1 miles: Running Shoes
-Run 26.2 miles: Spa Day

Other Milestones:
-First pull-up: New Workout Album
-5 pull-ups:
-10 push-ups: New Workout Album
-25 push-ups
-30min Intermediate Yoga Class: Yoga suite
-30min Advanced Yoga Class:

Why I want to get in shape

~I am too intelligent to look stupid
~I should be physically accountable for the one life I am allowed to live
~The comfort of food and lethargy is fleeting. Period.
~I am worth it. I am worth the energy gained, the shame lost; I am worth the years gained and every single pound lost. I am worth the health I will pass onto others and the example that I make of myself.
~To be the best me I can be for myself, my husband, my daughter, my students, my community.

My Inspirations

  • Me
  • My husband--the love of my life who is diabetic.
  • My daughter--I want to be able to be active in her life and a good role model.
  • The guy who finishes the race just seconds before me.


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